Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When the Kitten Smiles...

Things were looking bleak. So bleak when I woke up from a train nap this semi-creepy dude let me know I was smiling a lot in my sleep.
I explained to him that life.is.real…so only in my subconscious am I allowed to roll about in the sun like a kitten playing with a dandelion.
Shits real.
I’m over it though. By ‘it’, I mean the feeling like a turd.
It also doesn’t help that I am being vague in my blog, but everything isn’t for everybody.
All you need to know is that I am OVER IT and ready to entertain…and reveal what I wanna about my life.
Like this past weekend, it was a clever mix of my lameness and my cool.

Friday night I threw 2 middle fingers in the air and did laundry AKA went to Club Wash n’ Rinse. For some reason there was club music bumpin’ and like 10 dudes in Armani Exchange in my laundromat. If I wasn’t pouring Clorox into the machine instead of tequila down my throat-would’ve thought I was in a club!
I then folded and sorted while watching my newly purchased New Moon DVD. Sure, I didn’t think much of the movie, but I have to own the Twilight series so that whenever I feel myself thinking I am just too cool for school…I’ll look at those DVD’s and remember. Remember the exquisite lame girl within!
Saturday, we celebrated my dear friend Marci’s born day. Marci is into tapas so a few of us made a dish, some brought wine, and others dessert. I made camarones de ajo…with a twist, I added white wine. Just a pinch. I heart cookin’ for my peeps…just don’t ever let me learn how to bake. I swear I will be home.bound. Needing a crane just to let me see the sky one last time before I eat the 3 whole cakes (at once) that will kill me.

Now Sunday I was cool…and that is only because my brother is cool and in a band. I went to go see them play and I was quite impressed. Though he is blood and I may have changed his diapers a few times, my bro knows I’ll be the first to throw tomatos or whatever else is handy if he sucks. It’s the only way to keep him from sucking.
One thing to be lame and another to just suck.

For some reason saying various versions of ‘suck’ made me think of my current obsession with Jeffrey Dean Morgan!
What the fuck?!!It’s only spring! I still have time before White Boy Summer…but I dunno, seeing him all rugged and sexy next to Idris Elba (in the Losers movie trailer)-maybe that’s it. Idris Elba would make me wanna hump a cactus if he was standing next to it!!! He makes things just downright sensual.
…so while Iddy and I are off being sensual, I’d have computer camera on Jeffrey Dean building me something. He looks like he builds things and likes it. No pansy shit for that dude. He’s liftin’ beams and drinking scotch straight up.
…will work more on this fantasy….

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