Monday, January 16, 2012

Game. On.

So, remember when I thought I couldn't delete my online dating profile because I forgot my password....due to a severe 'blond' moment and an informative asshat, I found that if I just changed my password, I would be RELEASED...
...then I thought about it. It is 2012. I need to put myself out there and not become the recluse I am wont to be. Also, the what's the point of bloggin' about kittens n' shit. I'd rather discuss amazing feats of douchebaggery and how dudes are really strange.
Really, really strange.
So, I still have my profile- let the FUN begin!!

In other news, people want to be friends with me- I am awesome, but my deal breakers are when you're just not a well mannered decent human being. That gets me beyond pissed, I shiver with wanting to punch you in the wind pipe.
Then I get all reflective and am like...dayum, don't I come off like a person who wouldn't stand for that shit?
But because most people are so wishy-washy, and very few actually stand behind who they are- others think that you will just switch-hit during the final moments.
Woah, did you notice my baseball terminology? Did I even use it right?
Am such a butch!

Game on= online dating.

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