Sunday, January 8, 2012

You Ever Had One Of Those Days

...where you have no idea what you're saying or doing and you keep having flashbacks of recent moments and you begin kicking yourself because you could've said SOMETHING that would have of you out of this fuckery you're in???

I think that's a long winded way of me saying that I am pretty much done with a lot of situations and should've probably said something MONTHS ago...weeks ago..days ago...but I am not perfect.
'Fuck You' also doesn't cover EVERYTHING. Most things, but not everything.

I am glad these loooong winter months are upon us, where I shall be a recluse. In March though, am doing a weekend trip to Puerto Rico. Alone. ALONE.

...then I tried to delete my online dating account and CANNOT REMEMBER MY PASSWORD so now that shit won't go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, Pitbull. I don't know if I have really delved into how much I dislike him. He is added to the list of things that turn my smile into a frown. Well, a frown that turns into a grimace...then punching.
I really, really dislike Pitbull and might've heard him or something while I was going through this day...
Something about him and that little piece of chin hair he has. UGH!

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