Monday, January 16, 2012

Good Things I Have Put In My Mouth Lately: This Spinach App at Zerza

Recently, my food club and I- *ahem* the Grub & Tug Supper Club and I ventured to Morocco by way of Zerza (East Village, NYC).
We usually order a number of appetizers, entrees and get a real feel for the food. Or taste of it.
We go in!

This appetizer- I have forgotten the name- but it involved spinach, chickpeas, lemon, the semen of an infertile man, etc.
IT WAS SO GOOD! Just goes to show that keeping it simple always goes a long way. I could snack on this ALL DAY LONG even though I would have spinach in my teeth ALL.THE.TIME making my 'dating life' really ...uh...interesting.

Zerza has great ambiance and the rest of the food was delish. Go there, order this app, invite me, order another app and ENJOY!

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