Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Slutty Summer 2013

You know me, I get these weird epiphanies.  This time: Slutty Summer 2013 flashed in my head.
I got that far-a-way look in my eyes and then slowly nodded my head. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

This being me, I am not going to venture into 'imaginary world' and say this will include a lot of bangin', but being a believer in positive thinking I am not going to rule out multiple bang outs. #BodyParty
Slutty Summer 2013 is more about fashion and youth slipping away.  Luckily ( I was reminded by a friend) about my gene-ology that I still have another 10 years of youthful attitude and slutty gear wearing.  I was going to end at about 40...but now it's 45 because that's when I'll start looking at least 35. YES!
Thank you moms for the great skin genes you passed, and thanks to my zest for life n' love of SLEEP!

Things like this will most likely be seen on me.  I am not the size or shape of this chick, but I am going to GO FOR IT...while still keeping my classy demeanor.
I am going to listen to pop songs and rap songs about booty n' I'm gonna LIVE my Slutty Summer 2013.

It's gonna be about getting  that good good tan and sipping a cold fruity drink.  Will be waving my ass n' thigh meats around while telling whistling dudes to FUCK OFF!

No denim short will ever be TOO SHORT during Slutty Summer 2013.  The bottom of my asscheeks will be an unforgettable view.  ....but you STILL can't howl at me, bitches!
You also can't note my discomfort face as I walk around with yeast itch from having too tight shorts.

Slutty Summer 2013 is not just about fashion even...it is a state of mind!  A feeling of freedom n' devil-may-care.  Maintaining mystery while letting your labia hang out.

We'll see how it goes....

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