Friday, April 12, 2013

Why I Hated 'SpringBreakers' So Much by Me

In my last post I mentioned how seeing SpringBreakers made me cringe and that I hated everyone in the movie.  Today's post is about the WHY.

Sure,  I went into the movie thinking it was one thing, but it turned out being another.  I expected campy, violent fun...well lighthearted violence?  Hmmm.
In any case, what I got were people I gave zero fucks about and wanted to see eaten by alligators.

The story takes place in what looks to be Florida and focuses on these chicks at college who just wanna go away for spring break.  They feel going away for spring break will change their lives.
Okay, so I remember being in school and sure you looked forward to spring break because it was a changing?  I mean, you get could preggers from all the pina colada induced train runs you have.  That would change your life.
This group of chicks decide to see how much money each has saved up to go away.  It's not enough to go away because it looks like they like to PARTY.  Most of their money went to drugs n shit so they have a brilliant idea to rob bitches.  Now they think they're hard bitches.
...but they are also bitches who can afford to go away for SPRINNNG BREAK.
They head down to wherever paradise is and party hard.  There is coke, girl on girl action, titties...and then a reflective moment in a pool where the 'goodie two shoes' of the crew says she never wants to go back or forget this moment because spring break is AWESOME!!
Then they get bailed out of jail by James Franco's character who is a rapper and an all around 'thug'.  Blah blah blah drugs blah blah blah simulated sex blah blah blah guns blah blah blah death blah blah blah

The movie did a nice juxtaposition visually of 'normal' life and 'vacation' life where everything seems brighter- especially for people who have nothing else going on and are pretty much simpletons.  That and James Franco's character were the most interesting things, everything else I gave zero fucks about.
It's hard to watch a movie where you care nothing for the characters.  They are not good people or bad people...they are just these leeches of time and oxygen.  Maybe because I see so many people like them (in real life) who love being ignorant and just love caring about shit that doesn't matter.  I cringed because this kinda vapid behavior is applauded by our society and I am just fed up with it.
Sure, it's a movie...but it is just so saturated in our society-there will be people who see this movie and feel validated in their behavior.
...maybe I am taking all the fun out of movie watching and fantasy, but shit, my feelings are valid and they are that I HATED THIS MOVIE.
I want to kick it while its down.  Bleah.

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