Wednesday, April 10, 2013

You Don't Know My Life: Calm, Crazed, WTF?!

The Calm

The Walking Dead (AMC) season finale was total calm in what should've been chaos and death.  It was touching, it was scary and it was significant because it made me care about Andrea AND feel I would miss her.  WOW!
I also like CARL!  Last season, I was all 'someone EAT THAT KID', now I feel him.  He may be shooting the shit out of people, but I understand where he's coming from- have some humanity, but don't take too long lowering your weapon when I ask you to PUT THAT SHIT DOWN. 
Where things left off...I am excited by whats to come!  October can't come soon enough!

The Crazed
For some reason I found myself watching the season finale of Love & Hip Hop (VH1).  I maybe watched like 3 or 4 episodes this season because there are moments I truly value my time and brain cells. 
This season was especially hard to watch with Joe Budden's (see pic above) questionable facial hair.  It seems a bit crazy for me to say that his facial hair makes me uneasy...but it does.  It just makes me real uncomfortable.  Also, he claims to be 28 years old.  NO FUCKIN' WAY.  Try 38 Joe, and that is me being generous.  I get that he was a drug addict and has had 'a life' but NO FUCKIN' WAY that dude is 28. 
So Joe Budden's facial hair and the overall ratchetness of the show kept me from watching regularly, and then when I found myself watching the season finale and seeing Rich Dollarz and his one time boo Erica cry n' scream at each other for 20 mins.  I am talking crying where I didn't understand what they were saying or why.  It was real emotional, Drake levels bordering on Kanye
Finally, I was able to gather that Rich started boning some chick that Erica boned while she and Rich were dating and then they started crying and screaming again...and I started wondering where I went wrong in my life.  Like how did I get to the point where I couldn't just turn from this crap and save myself.  No, I had to lose valuable time and brain cells.  Things I won't ever get back.

The WTF?!
Oh Scandal (ABC), all that fuckery and strangle burger sex with Noel (aka Jake but he will always be Noel from Felicity)!
So 'Liv decides she is going to MOVE ON with her life which means hopping on another penis, it happens to be Noel's penis.  We all know/think that Noel is bad news.  Then 'Liv finds out that he's been watching (on TVs) her RIGHT after they boned...and then we see that hit man dude in her apartment.  The one who killed Amanda Tanner in season 1 and who has a past with Huck.  Then 'Liv hits her head and is rushed to the hospital where Fitz shows up and is all like: I forgive you boo!
While all of this is going on, friggin' Huck is in a box (my Huck's in a box, it's my Huck in a box girrrrl).  We find that hit man put Huck in a box...and now he is 10 kinds of screwed (Huck).
All of that happens and my mouth is all open and I am pacing...and then I find out that Scandal will be on a THREE WEEK HIATUS.
What's gonna happen is imma start watching Hannibal (NBC) and then Scandal will be all like: hey boo, we are gonna do a 'Liv n' Fitz hot make up sex scene in the hospital bed...
And I'll be like: whatevs Scandal, I'll catch you on Hulu, bitch!

I can be so hateful n' scornful sometimes.

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