Friday, April 5, 2013

The Place Where I Work: Body Party Too!!

The party keeps getting bigger n' better!!  Remember when I spoke about my initial Body Party and all of its attendees, well a few have left the party and some new peeps have joined.
I think I am still emotional about my post the other day which went into rant territory and bordered on 'made no sense' zone.  The idea of Beyotche` singing anything Amy Winehouse does that to me.  I should've gone in on Beyotche` trying to play Etta James in that movie 'Cadillac Records'.  I just wasn't thinking straight...

...back to the whole work-gym situation aka my boooody parrrrty.

First, I've worked off 5lbs, yo.  That is an achievement for a lazy ass who HATES working out aka ME!  My motivation has been mostly health...and a little bit to do with summer and wanting to fulfill some looks of 'whoredom'.  See, I am reaching that tender age of 'woman of a certain age' and I just can't do shit anymore.  Or wear just anything.  Granted, I have a few more years to go, but I have this habit of over thinking things...dunno if you noticed.

Anywho, besides Telemundo cheering me on AND buying me pre-workout snacks- DesignerDude and I walked to the gym one day.  It just happened.  He goes to run on the treadmill and play basketball.  DD was less awkward/killer-like, I thought we were cool.  I was wrong.  The next day he barely said two words to me...and slowly he has been upping his earring gauges.  Hmmm, dunno what that all means, but I lost interest after Telemundo got me a smoothie and has consistently been cool.
One day, Telemundo grabbed my hand and said some inspirational words as I laid my head on my desk not wanting to go to the gym AT ALL.  He happened to smell good that day too.  For one moment....I may have let my mind and eyes stray- thinking about his hands on other places....
It was a weak moment, and hey, I wound up at the gym.  I don't have those moments anymore since Telemundo went on this long romantic tirade about how the gym being his sanctuary.
I just stared at him watching his mouth move, there were dancing empanadas in my head.  They were filled with cheese n' spinach... healthy!

Thankfully, CreepyPapi has only spoken about taking me to the gym...and he even mentioned dragging me there- I ALMOST said: oh like your roofied victims to your El Dorado?
I didn't say that though.
I haven't seen him at the gym so that is a GREAT thing.  I have seen BenchPress though.  BenchPress works in another building for the finance department.  I have to see him sometimes when I have work related financial needs.  BP is HOT.  Shaved head, lips for days, and some shoulders.  He is also quite pleasant.  I can't really look at him or speak to of course I am infatuated.
One day I see him at the gym....benching what appears to be about 1,000,000 pounds!!  He doesn't grunt.  He isn't wearing zubas and his body is RIDICULOUS!!!  He catches me staring at him and smiled.
I started breathing funny.  My infatuation turned into lust and motivation.  Now I know if I go to the gym, there is a chance of me seeing BP looking all sexy n' sweaty.  Oh, and I can use machines to tighten up the body n' shit.
Hopefully I don't RickRoss (aka roofie) his 'muscle milk' and drag him onto the Q train with me....

Wish me luck!

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