Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Have I Mentioned....

....that I am obsessed with the Amanda Bynes of today?  DON'T get me wrong, I think she needs help and I think it is sad that no one is giving it to her....but I am just fascinated- yes, that is the correct term.  Not obsessed, I am fascinated by this cray cray Amanda Bynes.
Listen, I watched that What I Like About You show with she n' Jeannie Garth and more importantly Simon Rex -  I am strangely obsessed with Simon Rex.  I think I heard about/saw his large penis and so began my obsession. Am a simple creature.

Anywho, with Amanda talking about Drake murdering her vagina and looking like a chola , she has placed herself on my radar.  She makes me wanna line my lips and just get it poppin'.  She appears to be leader of a one woman wolf pack...and she lives in New York so I am hoping to bump into her.  Our meet-up would include throwing back several wheatgrass shots and taking selfies in the bathrooms of various Starbucks.  I wouldn't try talking sense to Amanda, in fact, we would barely speak.  Just hangin' silently an being cray cray.
I don't know why her brand of cray appeals to me, I just know I look forward to her tweets and selfie pics...even the gifs

AHHHHHHHHHHHH- that gif pretty much says it all by saying nothing at all.
Amanda...honey....I truly hope you get the help you need but I am shamelessly enjoying the wild ride you are taking me on- I just realized WHY I am fascinated.  It has to do with my love of 'keeping it real' aka 'no fronting'.  Now 'keeping it real' can amount to dying which is BAD, but I just find it refreshing when people don't give a an extent.  Hate all the phony bitches who pretend they're perfect-I'm looking at YOU Beyotche`.  AB aka AbsolutleyInsanelyCrazy Bitch aka Amanda is all like 'I have my own money and imma just do me n' shit'.  REEEESPECT.
That's not the part that makes her crazy though, it's the whole wanting of  Drake to murder her vag- I respect the being a straight forward woman thing, but Drake?  He looks like he would read your vag a bedtime story and tell it his dreams...not murder it.  That's where Amanda is a lil disillusioned...

She is still  my favorite right now, deal with it.

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