Thursday, May 16, 2013

You Don't Know My Life: Finales Are Upon Us!!!!!!

 O M G tonight is the season 2 finale of Scandal!!
I'm going to have to do some type of yoga and breathing exercises to calm myself down.  The last few episodes have had me either crying, fanning myself or massaging my jaw from clenching it too tight (minds out the gutter). 
 First, the whole Mellie, Fitz, Cyrus and 'Liv situation is bananas.  I mean, I get what Mellie is doing- she is hurt and wants Fitz to LOVE her...but Mellie done forgot that once you give up presidencies n' shit.
....but for Cy to try to have her killed??? Oh wait, it's not Cy, it's David Rosen n' Billy Chambers?!  Which leads me to this whole Who Is The Mole? thing.  I am just so confused.  I mean, I thought it was Mellie but then they made it seem like it was David Rosen n' Bill Chambers (please note that I say 'Chambers' with the same Southern accent of VP Sally Langston).  Now I am hearing that we STILL don't know who the mole is???!!!!
You want me to deal with that AND the fact that Huck was 'normal' n' had a cute lil family that was taken away by THE MAN aka the government???!!!
...but I am placated by all the makeup sex Fitz n' 'Liv are having-when he sat with her and Marvin Gaye was playing and they were just watching the clock...counting down the minutes to his career possibly being over n' to him CHOOSING HER!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  That whole scene made it THAT much harder for dudes out there.  Well, the dudes who will ever have any interest in 'turning bills into laws in my vagina'- you gotta have that giving up being POTUS passion! #POTUSPassion
Then this whole Noel working with OLIVIA'S DAD- yes, I am calling it.  The dude that Noel (his name on the show is Jake, but I have explained that he will ALWAYS be Noel) has been meeting with who is head of the shady agency Huck worked for- that's 'Livs dad.  I am telling you!  Not just cuz he's Black, but because how IS Olivia Pope so untouchable?!  I went to college.  I know how to use my brain!
...if I am wrong, then my excuse is I am a non published writer with an over active imagination. #SmileyFace
So tonight I am just going to stretch, have my coconut  milk ice cream ready and try to deal.  There is going to be A LOT going on and I will just have to be like Olivia Pope and handle it!

Another season finale I'll be watching is The Mindy Project- listen, I tried not to like this show.  Why?  Mostly because it had that whole 'I know I am funny n' quirky' thing going on that I find sooooooo annoying about Zoey Deschanel, which is why I cannot watch New Girl.  The Mindy Project is NOT New Girl, I actually enjoy it and laugh...and relate.  Plus, Dr. Castellano.  Oh man, I want to play doctor with that dude for real...even though I think he is really short, who cares!  He gets the Bruno Mars pass (i.e. the short dudes who can GET IT).
I was going to write about my BIGGEST gripe with the show being its lack of diversity- listen, I know for some people one Brown or Black or Yellow person is enough, but when your show takes place in NYC that shit is not legit.  This was written and pretty much covered what I wanted to say on the matter.
In any case, I will continue to watch the show and be entertained...and drool over Mindy's gear...and Dr. Castellano's bulge in his jeans.  Also, I truly enjoy the woman who plays the ex nurse.  She cracks me up.  The show really does make L O L a lot which is rare for a hater like myself.

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