Friday, May 10, 2013

You Don't Know My Life: The Re-watching of Felicity

 Felicity.  This show was definitely part of my coming of age- for instance whenever I walked across my college campus and caught the right kind of breeze I would hear that Vanessa Carlton song play and have my "Felicity' moment.  A 'Felicity' moment AKA White girl moment is that rare moment when all is right with the world and I can just have deep thoughts about shoes or tacos.The show, of course, was very different, but that was my interpretation....

I remember watching the show before, but not religiously.  I remember liking it, but I had so many things on my mind back then- boys, food, new clothes, boys, food, becoming an actress, etc.
...really not much different from now.
Well except now I don't pretend like I am ALWAYS occupied and in demand.  It is OKAY because I don't have that feeling that I am missing something especially when there's Ben...

No, I just shrug off being social for revisiting my friends at the University of New York.  I felt like I was back in school myself.  All those emotions.  All those finals.
Felicity was crazy for following Ben, but then again, look how her life turned out.  She met some amazing people and GOT BEN!  Just goes to show you that one must take risks in order to be LIVING.
When I watched the show in the past, I didn't get the whole Ben Vs. Noel thing because...BEN, I mean I just thought he was so cute and she traveled across the country for him.
Watching it now, I see why Ben was a a bit of a twat and why Noel was a great choice.  Dependable, funny, supportive, sometimes sexy Noel.  I got it.  In the end though, Ben was Felicity's soul mate.  Though dysfunctional, they worked and I liked them better together.  Noel and Felicity were just better friends.

Four seasons of Felicity was PERFECT. I got into the characters, cared, and then just before I was ready to smack everyone with a 'heeyyyyy' (because they always say 'hey') dick, it was over.  I felt satisfied but still, I had a few thoughts....

  • Why was Julie just the worst?!  Even re-watching didn't make me like her needy whiny ass! No wonder her mom didn't want her!
  • That was mean....but seriously, Julie stays annoying me.
  • It was really all about Javier and Megan, those two always made my life!
  • Watching that show makes me wanna work at Dean & Deluca though I lack whatever skillz it takes to deal with customers and not hit someone repeatedly.
  • Megan made Sean better because before he was just this sad older dude hanging with a bunch of kids.
  • Ben's lips.  He was a loud breather but his lips surrounded by that scruff....dayum.
  • Remember when Felicity lost her virginity to Simon Rex??!!!!
  • They shoulda NEVER changed theme songs!
  • The time travel spell at the end.  That was some fine work!  Don't we all wish we could do things over...but we can't because it would change EVERYTHING and not for the better.
Overall, I am so glad Ru lent me ALL of his DVD's and I was able to relive the moments and the lessons. TV pretty much sucks now, so it's good to have these tidbits to live on.  *sigh*  

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