Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Place Where I Work: Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Once in a while you forget your light.  You forget that you are not a worn cynical hateful being.  You forget who you are naturally, who you protect with hatefulness and cynicism.
Then one day you're sitting at your desk feeling bloated and a lil unlovable due to a hair situation- yes, you are deeper than this, but everyone is allotted a few shallow moments. you're sitting at your desk when a dude you work with says (in a work appropriate way) that you look lovely, and you tend to believe him because when he is not working, he is a preacher.  He is on #Team Jesus...and though you don't swear by a bible, you can tell he is genuinely good spirit. 
The preacher wants to tell you about yourself, about how you have this warm spirit.  How you emanate golden goodness.

In other work news, the body party is still happening at the gym...when I force myself to go.  It gets tough when its warmer because the gym gets HOT.  Not sexy, flushed hot- it gets that sweating in a very unattractive way, hot.  Where you feel dizzy and dehydrated and you've only been on the elliptical for 2 minutes! 
Telemundo still inspires me to go even though I have taken to calling him a robot.  He speaks in an almost robotic way using big words (correctly) for no reason.  I am clever.
Benchpress and I make eyes at each other in the gym mirrors.  It could be creepy or just sexy, I don't know.  I am still wrapping my head around going to the gym on the regular.  Like I get the reasoning, but how do people enjoy that shit?!  ...then I see BenchPress pumping iron, glistening.  Looking at me in my eyes while he's pumping.  Then I get all type of inspiration and a will to sweat n' tone.
Then I walk my sore ass by some doughnuts all angry shaking my fists at the woes of walking the fine line between sexy thick girl and obesity.

Work has been teaching me to remember my shine, whether it be via compliments or by literally shining due to sweating heavily.  Good times.

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