Friday, May 17, 2013

You Don't Know My Life: I WAS RIGHT!

Yesterday I was anticipating the Scandal finale and predicted that dude giving Noel orders was Olivia's dad...and I was RIGHT!
How was I right?  Why did I know?
I'd like to say intuition...or that I am on the same extraordinary level as Shonda Rhimes and her writers!  The whole great minds think alike thing.
...maybe it means Shonda should consider giving 'a humble young writer just tryin' to make it in the world' a chance.  Somehow I work in a dance sequence and write myself into the show as 'Liv's kid sister who steals her clothes (they will be ill fitting as I am double Kerry Washingtons size) and her men- mainly Fitz.  #Escandalo

The finale had everything *said in Bill Hader's Stefon (character on SNL) voice*: heart attacks, drilling, blood splatter, no romance novel realness, breakups, makeups,  superpowers and daddy's revealed.
It was CRAY.  I had a tension headache.
I will spend the whole of summer wondering if the 'Liv & Fitz will ever be together because now it is looking like it is NOT meant to be.  Also, can Olivia's mom be played by Phylicia Rashad??!!!!

....AND I have been hearing rumors that because of Scandal,  Black women have been seeking White men and vice versa! HA!  This is just in time for my annual White Boy Summer!!!! - though I will add that White boys with SUPERPOWERS need only apply!

This will help pass the time till Scandal is BACK!

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