Friday, July 26, 2013

As The Online Dating World Turns: The Giver and The Gentleman

This was waiting for me in my message box one day by some dude named the_artista (strike one):

can a man simply ask a woman for sex, if he is everything she wants him to be?

 Without much thought or consideration, I wrote back:

Fuck. Off.

 Normally I wouldn't respond to something like this, but I was in a mood.  He of course wrote back proving that he was also a 'last word bitch' adding to his already unattractive profile:

F*ck ... nah, looks like you need it
 *sigh* *swoon*  Look at this lovely gentleman knowing my life!  I wasn't done just yet with this artist of my heart n' loins.  I wanted to give some sound advice...advice Kevin Hart would approve of:

Kill yourself. 

 I have been told I give GREAT advice.  Though I was being a jerk, I felt it gave the dude a clue as to why he should stop writing me.  He didn't: 

... Oh word, {my age-sorry bitches it shall remain a mystery unless you already know} / single woman, and can't get a man? In a city of millions. So much you have to offer
f*u b*tch 

Wow.  He went there. He sure told me! 
After chuckling a bit, I grew weary of this interaction because...really...dude isn't on my level and not even fun to have a hate exchange with. I was bored and done and decided that after I wrote this I would no longer care what he wrote me.  This exchange had run its course and I was ready to go back to not going on dates and emailing with dudes who wanna be penpals.  I felt because the_artista was SUCH a gentleman, I owed him one last bit of my wonderful way with words:

I do have a lot to offer to men- not dickless asshats who act all tough via the computer.
Here's an idea- stop writing me and go have sex with some young woman who has a lot to offer. Maybe she'll let you have sex with her and you won't have to rape her or anything.  

With  that I dropped the proverbial mic and felt like going for a walk.
Though this wasn't encouraging, it didn't make me rage out or anything.  Have not deleted my account AND I feel that the online thing is making my 'real' life take on men more satisfying.  Satisfying because I speak more and try to flirt without saying fucked up things- babysteps.   Will see where this gets me...


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