Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Time I Went To See Many Movies In A Short Period Of Time

I guess I should call summer of 2013 the summer of MANY MOVIES!!!  I usually NEVER see movies (because I am a broke bitch), but this summer I have wanted to see everything- well almost everything.
I am basically making it RAIN on them walking candy and popcorn dudes.
...but hey, summer is HOT and movie theaters have AC's.

When I went to see Kevin Hart's Let Me Explain it was a HOT day.  I knew I would shed pounds from laughter and sweating post laughter.  We all know that Kevin had to grow on me...(hahahah funny for many reasons but mostly cuz he's short) and once he did, I have been TEAM KEVIN HART.  His delivery is just hilarious.  He also comes from the school of comedy I believe in- speak your truth!  Your outlook is way more interesting than saying what people want to hear or what makes them comfortable.  Unless you are BORING AS FUCK in which case you should KILL YOURSELF (a la Kevin Hart).
The movie was too funny and I find myself saying 'Jesus take the wheel' and 'bum bumps' all the time!!!!

Then I went to see World War Z.  I read the book so I had HIGH expectations.  What I got instead was Brad Pitt...being Bradd Pitt, zombies on molly, Detective Linden (The Killing)  just standing around kissing kids and a movie that had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BOOK!!!
The book was fantastic.  The movie was just ... it should have been called Fast Zombies vs. Brad Pitt With His Hair.
Whatevs.  Go see if its hot and you are down with summer blockbusters., I went to see Fruitvale Station during the worst possible week!  It was the week where the Trayvon verdict came in and Black people...and the world were reminded that America doesn't give a FUCK about us and that racism didn't breathe its last breath when Obama was elected into office...
THIS MOVIE!  To say I was crying-whimpering really like a baby, would be the TRUTH.
When I wasn't feeling emotional and connected to many things...I was feeling warm in my loin parts for Michael B. Jordan.  Such a cutie...

This story is one we've seen too many times-cops shooting unarmed Black men or using excessive force.....
Just go to see this movie.  It is important.  Go into it seeing Black men as human beings- not these mythical fear causing creatures that deserve to be shot and have their dreams wiped out.  Leaving families to mourn and me to listen to a LOT of Kanye and walk around punching the air and ice grilling peeps.

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