Monday, July 8, 2013

Have I Mentioned: Stylewise THE TAKEBACK!

Remember when I threw Miley Cyrus on my list of  peeps who's style I am digging?  Well I am taking it BACK!
Basically Miley is just stealing from Rihanna.

Exhibit A.

Upon further research I found that in all the outfits I liked on Miley, Rihanna did it first!  Ugh.  Then Miley came out with some video where she is 'thuggin' out and just using colored folk as props- I cannot with her anymore!  She was on thin ice as  is because I generally don't like her, but I am on this whole being open minded thing (we'll see how long this lasts).  Just trying to let a ho be a ho and a talentless hobag have a moment- but NOT when that moment is stealing from someone else.  We ALL know I gave zero fucks about Rihanna but that bitch has grown on me (being open minded).  She gives less fuck than I do, she is eloquently hateful AND her style is bananas!!

Miley officially went off my radar when she was quoted talking about how she has an inner Lil Kim and named some other Black rapper as being inside her and the reason for her new 'urban-ness' and 'thuggery'.  It's funny cuz when she did that damned song "Party In The USA" (damned because that shit was catchy and I know the words and may bop to it) where she mentions a Jay Z song coming on- she said she didn't really know who Jay -Z was.  I found this shocking because she is a 'musician' and now even MORE shocking because she has all these other hip hop Negroes 'inside' her yet she wasn't familiar with Jay Z??!!
Some flagrant poser-ness going on and I cannot abide it.  So fuck off Miley Cyrus.
Rihanna, you my girl and I loves your style.  So sorry I didn't have you on the original list...but I have a feeling you won't lose sleep over that.

I must've been on some type of Molly-Fro yo- Gluten free trip because I had the nerve to mention STYLE and not mention Solange Knowles.  We all know I love her more than I could ever hate Beyonce`.  She is a style icon if I gave more of a fuck.  She is cool, unique and just... a person I would have brunch with and then go play Wii at Common's house or something.  That next level chill.

So I trade in one awful Miley for one amazing Rihanna and one fantastical Solange! #PourItUpBitches

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