Monday, July 1, 2013

The Time I Went To See This Is The End & Superman by Me

We know when I pay to see a movie, I must really want to see it.  That or I forget to see a movie...which is what may happen with Joss Whedon's reprisal of 'Much Ado About Nothing'- in any case I really wanted to see This Is The End and Superman  (though it may be called Man of I did.
Both movies appealed to different facets of my being.  The action-adventure side, the nerdy side, the enjoy-er of hot dudes side, the humorous side- I am multi-faceted.
This Is End was done by the same peeps who did Superbad, one of my favorite movies.  I expected the movie to be funny, but I didn't expect to be hurting from HURTING.  I was cry laughing and hunched was great.
Alls I have to say is just: Michael Cera (above pic) and Channing Scrotum (Tatum).  That is it.  I am done.
Also, Jame Franco is a complete douche, but I would so do him with the lights on.  There is just something about him.  He appeals to my loins.

Go see this film if you like to laugh and you don't suck.

As for Superman....whew.  Well I kept hearing mixed reviews about the movie, but knew I had to see it for myself because Christopher Nolan produced it and Henry Cavill is fine as hell.  I knew even if it SUCKED, I would be looking at Cavill for 2 hours and I was okay with that.
I am so-so about the movie.  I get that they are building a new Superman franchise, but the storyline either lacked or jumped too far where it was unbelievable.  Like I am supposed to believe that Lois Lane would get on some random alien ship for some dude she just met and he ain't even put it in??!!
I mean he fine though...

....but I dunno about getting on alien ships unless he puts at least the tip in.  Doesn't even have to be a full bang-out...just the tip!
Henry Cavill is a problem though....

Go see these film if you want to start fresh with Superman, you like total destruction and you wouldn't mind banging out Henry Cavill- even if you're a straight dude or a lesbian!

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