Monday, July 29, 2013

You Don't Know My Life: Hoodie Holder Tears AKA When Linden Became Human

The Killing is just perfection!  When you can truly love some complex sometimes hateful characters- I mean LOVE them- that is a testament to fine acting and a well written show.
When Holder found out that his homie Bullet was dead...I mean...he made you feel all of the sadness, regret, frustration...
Just knowing that they had fought and he could've taken her last call- whew.  Then in all them emotions he tried to kiss Linden- who was actually trying to comfort him in a non robotic, human way!  She of course didn't allow the kiss because she understood where it was coming from, and though she has banged partners in the past, she knows that Holder is SPECIAL (also, MINE bitch!).
The almost kiss was a awkward as the characters are together at times...but they still have AMAZING chemistry.  I find them to be soul mates but not of the mating kind.

So Bullet's death leads to them finding all the rings (of the dead girls) and linking them to this one dude who is not going to be the killer...OR he is not the only one.  I am still sticking with the killer (or other killer) being Mitchum Huntsberger (Gilmore Girls, sticking to calling characters by their names from the shows they were on that I love) aka Holders OTHER partner that Holder decided to punch instead of kiss.  Mitchum never mentioned how Bullet was looking for Holder hardcore...because she knew who the killer was...and was killed before she could tell Holder.
It's leading up to Holder and Linden figuring out that someone on the force is involved in these killings thus proving my Mitchum Huntsberger theory.
I stays winning.

Now we know aside from solving these murders, Linden is also trying to get Peter Sarsgard off death row because she realizes he may have not killed his wife-...
I just need a moment.
You see, I never paid no nevermind to Peter Sarsgard...but his performance on this show has put him on my radar!  He is a superb actor!  If he doesn't win an MTV Award, NAACP Award, Emmy, TONY...GIVE HIM ALL THE AWARDS.  Last nights episode stomach was in knots.  Here is this character who is wretched, yet he was STILL redeemable and you understand why Linden was fighting so hard...besides it being the right thing.  This dude fucked with her...and could be the WORST, but P.Sars made you LIKE HIM...and not want to see him hung.
Also, I have a theory that P.Sars son on the show is the real killer of the mom- me thinks lil homie is disturbed (explaining Lindens natural instinct to be cool with lil homie) and didn't like that moms was out ho-ing so he killed her (much like the prison guards son shooting his moms lover SEE!).  In keeping with my theory- this would make P.Sars character damn near LOVABLE and it would also explain why he would be willing to die for a crime he didn't commit.  Also why he was being so evasive about it.
Last nights episode made me just appreciate Linden and her 'still waters runs deep' ways.
How can ANYONE question my love for Holder when he threatens to kiss her again to prove a point after speaking some truth to her.  This is why I LOVE HIM.  Love him more that Fitz from Scandal.  I just love Holder- he is helping White dudes everywhere because there was no hope for them due to recent events...but Holder makes them almost feasible and doable.

Next week is the 2 hour season finale and then I am going to BE SAD till Scandal and Walking Dead are back....but really, The Killing, this has been a fantastic season.

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