Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Many Years of Boo's. Pt2

I awoke in the middle of the night with triggered memories-probably from my costume trip down memory lane. Suddenly I remembered 2 key factors to my costume reverie.

First, when I was that amazing Dracula...and was so very happy, with my makeup, fangs, cape, blood...forgot to mention the nails. I had black, LONG press-on nails! It was the ultimate...the only thing that sucked was I couldn't eat. Mostly, it was my fault because I didn't want to take the fangs out...and the nails made it impossible to eat chicken wings. This is when I vowed to NEVER have long nails because they inhibit eating...and I likes to eat.:)

Second, being one who isn't quick to give up...I attempted to slut-it-up another time. I was in my early 20' college. I was Nava-ho and was going to 2 parties. I parted my hair and put in it in 2 long braids, had a leather headband, feather earrings, a suede skirt...that had a slit, but was respectable, I had a low cut top that was pretty slutastic...but because I lack the 'gene' I wore a poncho over it all- wearing that most of the night....AND I wore some moccasin boots. It was cute, and I guess I was sexy because this dude I knew got all ass-grabby (we were barely peeps and this was his way of showing interest. yes, he was supposedly a had to be checked. Due to dancing, I had to take the poncho off..and it was off when I met (one of the many times we've met) Mark Ronson. At the time he was the boyfriend in my head. Something about the nose, the forlorn stare and the fact that I hated him n' his wack DJ'ing- his parties were cool, but I found them pretentious. Then he got better...he got became about music, not popping bottles. We would bump into each other outside of clubs, and the love grew. Awww.
So, I go to chat with M.Ron...and am completely nervous because my cleavage is showing. He is talking, but I am in my head wondering if he thinks I'm a slut (oh the 20' insecure). He is wondering if I'm okay because I am shifty and inching AWAY from him.. Finally I mumble something and just run away.
That was the VERY.LAST.TIME I tried the slut thing. Tsk. Tsk.


  1. i LOVED the nava-ho costume, though i only saw it in pictures.

    but i have to say - you are a CLASSY bitch. so, it's cool that you don't try to slut it up. respect!

    sad i'm missing halloween in the city this year... but i will be down there for plenty of time soon enough! so soon!

  2. cannot wait to toast you moving to BROOKLYN! just 2 classy bitches toastin' with veuve and eating pizza.

    next year, we'll be doing it up hallow-style...and the sac will LINED COSTUME!!!