Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Monday Night Battle Night:Hating Positively

After learning more about the sub-prime crisis than EVER before, and meeting Rep. Maxine Waters- which was on the same level of meeting Chaka Khan (so fantastical). I was angry and filled the BAD kind of hate.
Do I do the usual hating on White people or just the rich White people?
No, I just do what I can to get my congress rep involved…and I eat amazing Korean food with Anto & 2 French dudes, and then hit up a monthly rap battle at Sin Sin.
It’s the ultimate taking a negative and making a positive…or using the energy for good, and I can hate so gooooooooood.
Some say it’s a gift. I think it keeps me from being tricked off on by life, people and my own delusions of grandeur.
I knew that if I was going to watch a rap battle, I would need a good meal for energy. Booing and heckling takes a lot out of me. The French dudes-Greg and Gate- had a taste for Asian. I suggested a good Korean spot I knew, and because I know meat-halt- I mentioned my FAVORITE dish on the menu being the beef (hahahha perfect for the evening) short ribs AKA galbi. The French seemed down and were impressed with my choice gaining me 20% of the French restaurant they plan on opening called Sacre Bleu- the name came from an unheard of (by the French) saying that some Americans think is French. I’ve never heard of this saying either- Greg says a dude yelled it during a football (soccer) game. Hmmm. Anyways, this will be the name of the French eatery filled with common French terms that Americans know. Anto won with: voulez vous poulet moi ce coir?
Besides gaining strength to hate-effectively, I was able to practice my French. I am not great, but I don’t suck. Just need to practice.

With full belly’s we were ready to take on the night, or enjoy the open bar at Sin Sin. All of us except Anto because he is celebrating Ramadan a lil later- due to his world travel and fuckery.:) Everyone’s favorite rabbi…uh, Rabbi Darkside was co-hosting the monthly rap battle, which includes a live band!
Though I secretly battle rap, I would not be taking part in the nights event mainly because I have no rhythm as it was painfully pointed out by Anto and The Darknesssesss- who are both White, which made me want to revoke the lil bit of Black (:P) I am!!!
…but I digress…I was excited to watch n’ heckle. The night would’ve been better if Anto, The Darkness or Grand Phizzle AKA my arch nemesis would’ve battled and I could’ve boo’d them too. Yes, some people cheer on their peeps, and I boo simply because they have ENOUGH people telling them how great they are…enough girls willing to fellate after one bar is said. I hate to keep them humble.:) See, it really is a gift that I use for good.
Grand Phizzle and his (rap) partner did perform and I maintained of look of disdain on my face. When GP saw this he tried to knock the glasses off my face, but didn’t succeed at that either. HA!
Oh and there was a point when The Darkness and I tried to get Anto to battle…with hate, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that The Darkness has a dirty, dirty mouth. I lost track of where I was as he whispered hateful things to say to Anto in my ear- a place where we (he and I) created (through sweaty body slappin’) the BETTER version of Drake…his name would be Treidel (a clever mix of Trey and dreidel because The Darkness is Jewish and I am Black, the same mix as Drake). Treidel would be the best that ever did it. Ever…hmmm…
The battle begins, and I have to say…surprisingly… I was not impressed. Big SHOCK! I mean I like that there were topics so peeps had to think and know what was going on in the world….but part of the battle is being able to do that. A few actual pulled it off and even I had to give ‘em props. Notice I am being vague because I cannot remember names. :( I do know the guy who eventually won- that’s another thing, ALL DUDES. I really need to step up my battle game and SLAY these guys. SLAY!
…where was I?...Oh the battle champ, I think his name was Chaz or Chad….all I know he is part of a Van Damme (as in Jean-Claude Van Damme AKA one of my secret champs and whenever I feel the world is too much I put on a Van Damme movie-also I love the saying: Jean-Claude Van DAMN you fine!!) film club of some sort. They get together and watch a JVD film, Anto and I suggested they do the natural progression to Steven Segal once they are done with JVD. Chaz or Chad informed us about a movie involving JVD and…Rob Schneider. You would think that would be enough, but it gets better. They both work in fashion; JVD is a designer I believe. Um, my mouth was open and my Korean eyes were open as far as they could go (bless their souls). Then Chaz/Chad went on to say that Paul Sorvino is the villain (I KNOW)- wait for it- who has sent exploding jeans to JVD and Rob Schneider and they must stop him with karate. The film is called Knockoff and it will be added to my CLASSICS collection.
Needless to say, I didn’t care if Chaz/Chad could rhyme, he was a winner in my eyes and I mentally noted not to boo him even if he sucked.

Monday night battle night was filled with good hate, revelations and hip hop dance mockery- Gate (one of the French dudes) and I were on a roll! Actually, Anto, Gate and I entered Sin Sin each doing a robotic, slide n’ glide. It was pretty fantastic.
Mostly, it (Monday night battle night) was filled with good times and reminders that I am getting old….and must step my game up.


  1. solid post! next time i see rabbi d imma call him darkness... i like it.

    girl, i miss you! i want to party with you people, and hate to keep in check.

    just sent a follow up email to the ny lady. stay tuned.

  2. gracias! yes, 'the darkness' is pretty sweet and he likes the name...which counts, I guess.:)

    mama I miss you too, and may have been talking you up tonite with mutual peeps...about the POSSIBILITIES of you living here. POSSIBILITIES!!!!
    the city needs you, ma! *fingers crossed*