Monday, October 5, 2009

The Place Where I Work: I's Free!!!

Done! Shackles have loosened-not fully because I am still not doing what I WANT to do, but I am no longer in HELL!!! Yippee!

My final day involved a lighter personality on my part and Nate Berkus revealing that he hates Hell so much that he hated me for escaping! Wow. He was a total prick to me my last day, and I truly showed why I am scary-I guess because he spoke to me in a tone of voice that doesn't appeal to me. I've been told the heat of my anger seeps out of every pore of my body, and though I appear still and serene...and like I won't kill you. The scariest thing is, I just might.
I didn't have to say a word. Just turned in my chair and he walked away and didn't come around me for the rest of the day. It was an unspoken thing. No need for yelling.
A few seconds later George Clooney rolls by. Not THEE actual Clooney, just this dude that looked like him. He was a nice dude. Smiley-he's good with the small talk thing...well helps me practice because I SUCK at it. There must've a halo of anger around me (still) because even he was like 'woah'. Yep. He literally said...'woah'. I then remembered it WAS MY LAST DAY, and my mood lightened. Slightly. Only fully when I left the building!

The best thing about the day were the guards I befriended. One dude who knew my name by day 3 was saddened by me leaving because he was working up to asking me out. I tell him I am not dead and knowing my luck, I'll be in the area...or if its really meant to be, we'll bump into each other at a Starbucks and by then he'll be ready. He liked that.
Also, befriended some of the peeps that worked for the Today Show. They were impressed how I handled all my chance celeb meetings. Somehow they KNEW I would want to meet Mariah Carey. Dunno how they knew, but they did.
Anyways, because I can't have it trains were late, the line at Starbucks was filled with too many Italian speaking Italians who didn't understand the concept of the apple fritter,....and I missed meeting MC. My Today Show peeps were like we tried, tried to stall, but its MC. I was sad. SAD!....then I remembered it was my last day in Hell. Slow, little smile.

A slightly overly moist cherry on top was TechSexy. He was supposed to be my office boo, but that got 86'd by his detailed facial hair. Homie AKA Honey T don't play that. Yeah, I liked NSYNC not BACKSTREET BOYS (known for the extra delicately detailed facial hair).
Needless to say, I had to get over him and have that doomed 'writer sex fantasy' with Nate Berkus.
TechSexy was really sweet my last day-not knowing it was my last. I wished I had more time with him... More time to mock him into leaving the detailing razor alone and just let that ish be. Love me some male scruff...and a maintained beard...but that overly styled ish makes me feel icky. Unfortunately, this being my truly is all about me. So ixnay the detailed beards-ay.


  1. Congrats on the escape! I'm playing phone tag with the manager at the NY gig... so don't slide off your chair or anything, but there's def a chance I'll be begging you to keep an eye out for 1 beds with windows and a washer.

  2. *holds on to sides of chair*

    a one bedroom with a enough space for a pullout couch...or my sleeping bag! ;P

  3. room for you, of course. and room to cook shit... for you!