Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Many Years of Boo's.

From what I am told, Halloween is for kids, sluts and White people. I find that last part hilarious because I know plenty people of color who get into the ghoulish spirit- growing up we would have big Halloween bashes every other year. My parents were way into props, music and pranks- except when done to them. Hmmm.
As a kid, I LOVED Halloween because of the costumes- eff the candy. Have never really been a candy girl...hahahah figuratively and literally.
...but the idea of makeup and fantasy intrigued me. So this shall be a costume trip down memory lane and will further prove my slut-lacking capabilities- actually a friend and I had a serious conversation about the 'slut gene'. It will be scientifically proven one day...some day.

I won't pretend to remember what my parents dressed me as pre-crawling, walking n' such. Knowing them, there were probably no Halloween celebrations because being the semi-logical beings they are, they figured I wouldn't know what the fuck was going on and would be scared shitless. Christmas- yes, Halloween- nah.
Being a natural grump and shy kid...when I could walk n' talk and was asked what I wanted to be for Halloween I shrugged. Probably mumbled something and asked to watch Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' because he was my boyfriend. Even with pre-school, I had no interest in the holiday...till first grade. This was when I wayyyy into Snoopy, Strawberry Shortcake...and GARFIELD! That cat spoke to my soul. All he wanted to do was eat and chill the fuck out. Then that stupid dog (Odie) would come along and Garfield would make him do stupid things for a laugh. *sigh* So, I was Garfield. I wore my costume for the entire week of Halloween and my mom had to have a heart-to-heart to get me to give up the costume. Would've worn it everyday if I could've. My mom simply said, there will another Halloween next year. This excited me. Even though I knew I would just be Garfield again....but then I watched Fright Night-yeah my parents were believers in eye covering, but thought I should watch horror films. Would keep me humble....or imaginative or something....
I was invited to a Halloween second. Another party with girls dressed as princess's, belly dancers, ballerina's...and me in FULL vampire makeup (including drawn in widow's peak, my hair was back in a french braid AND blood dripping from my lips!!!), fangs, cape, a white button-up and black slacks. Sure, I got strange looks from the girls my age, the boys thought it was cool and I was in 7th heaven!

The following years were filled with more monsters and non-'girly' things. Also went through the teenage phase where I hated EVERYTHING- including Halloween, so I didn't celebrate it. No costumes, just pranks. I would help my parents with the parties and my brother with his costumes.
Then I went away to college where I learned about the slut aspect of Halloween. Even attempted by being a cat. All black Lycra. Heels. Ears. Tail.
....of course I had to do makeup...and I really so I lost some of slutability. This would be the time I realized I could never be a slut. Just don't have it me. Like I want to....especially in college...and even NOW sometimes, but I just can't do it. Something about thinking too highly of myself...thinking too much (in general)...and the follow-through.

In recent years, Halloween and I have been touch n' go. Sometimes I get into it, and other times I'm like...meh. I've been Jem and the Holograms (with peeps), a drag queen, Eve (and my friend was Gwen Stefani)....and there were a few others, but I can't remember right now.
This year...I am sticking with what I know. Makeup. Fun. Drag queens. Going to pull it all together...and remember that Halloween is about the FUN!...and the pointing n' laughing at sluts (male n' female).

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