Monday, October 8, 2012

Sweet Dreams: Prince Styles

Before bed I had a cup of green tea, like a proper lady.  Then I went to sleep....and this is what I remember from my dream....

I was on some type of college campus, and it was elaborate- there was a shit ton of ivy!  As I walked about I kept running into Prince, and we seemed to know each other.  He was carrying a cross shoulder messenger bag, wearing jeans that had clouds on them a la Raspberry Beret, a white tunic and black sandals.  He didn't wear shades and his hair was styled as it is in the above pic.
Every time I ran into Prince between classes, he would shrug and do a face I began to call the 'Prince face'...every time I ran into him.  'Prince face' looked more like a 'I don't know face' that people do when they shrug.  I don't know what question I was asking him through telepathy but he had no idea what vibes I was sending him.
Prince paused only when I bumped into him carrying my baby!!! It was a girl, she had a lil fro and the smallest eyes!!  I don't know where she came from, but I know she was my daughter and I was walking around with her.  When I bumped in Prince, he stopped.  He checks out me and then the baby...then he shrugged and did the 'Prince face'.

What does it all mean???!!!

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