Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Place Where I Work: Mucho Culo- Episode 2

 Mucho Culo
Episode 2: The Snack Break

Setting: By the vending machines.  Honey T is trying to decide between Famous Amos cookies or a honey bun.  Telenovela sees her and saunters over.

Telenovela: Honey....T

Me: (turn around) Oh hi...

Telenovela: What are you doing with these snacks?

Me: Deciding which of them to eat-

Telenovela: No! (he grabs me, and holds me close against his muscular body)

Me: (breathless) No?!  Are you saying I am fat?!

Telenovela: Only in the best places...(he kisses my neck)

Me: Stop...(giggles) we are in public...and I want some cookies...

Telenovela: I want for only one cookie...hot...baked fresh...

Me: Woah.

Telenovela: Come.  We'll go to our favorite conference room for snack time!


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