Monday, October 1, 2012

The Place Where I Work: New Adventures

...and so a new adventure begins.  I have started a new gig-don't even get me started about what happened at the last place, just know it is all for the better.
I walked away learning new things about myself and people.  Well nothing new, just that when given the opportunity to suck, most people will- and not in a good way.
Since  I have my limits, I left.

The new place I work at is a school- do not lock up your children, I am not a teacher/professor of any sort.  It is amazing and kinda calming to be in a normal environment.  Well seemingly normal.  There is a dude with one arm and a guy who houses the campus cats- I should say I am on a campus.  The guy with one arm has a sculpture of a womans hand on his desk.
These things excite and intrigue me.  As does the dude I call Telenovela.  I call him that because I want to star in a telenovela with him.  That could be a nice way of me saying PORN, but we'll stick with telenovela.
He is sexy as fuuuuuuck and has this voice.  Mostly though, it is his ass.
Our program would be called: Mucho Culo.  There will a lot of wind machines and Telenovela with roses between his teeth.  Have to think up a few scenarios and write them as such....

Mucho Culo
Episode 1: The Meeting

Setting: We are in an office, there is a lovely lady with almondy eyes and plentiful bone of cheek typing away at her computer.  She is probably blogging about her work day.  The doors to the office open, there is wind, and in walks Telenovela.

Telenovela: Hello, who are you?

Me: Honey T...

Telenovela: Mmmm honey.  (he takes my hand and kisses it)  I am Telenovela.  I am a man.  A man who desires you.

Me: I hardly know you.

Telenovela: The heart does not need conversations and Facebook stalking.  Come, let us find a conference room and make love.

Me: Okay...


Wish me luck!

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