Thursday, October 11, 2012

No, Nyet, Nine, Non.

This one time I was watching TV and a commercial for the movie Alex Cross came on.  Tyler 'Madea' Perry is the lead in what appears to be an action drama.  I don't understand how this came to be, but do know that I threw the wrapper of whatever food I was eating on the ground and sighed: FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK Tyler Perry!
I then picked the wrapper up because I am not a sloppy bitch...I am, however, a hater of Tyler Perry.

Listen, I respect his gangsta and that he owns his studio and makes sure a lot of Black actors and actresses work...but at what expense?  For buffoonery?  For stereotypical nonsense?
Poorly written Christian dance parties are what a lot of his films are- cringe worthy.  He tried something with The Family That Preys, but for the most part I wanna punch shit-and don't get me started on his TV shows.

...but hey listen, everyone has to eat.  Everyone deserves to make their own American dream...even if it involves dressing like someones nanna in a lot of your films (see above picture).
THEN you wanna turn around and be an action hero?  An action hero with an ill fro?  You expect me to believe you're gonna kick in that door wavin' a .44 and all I'm gonna say is Madea- *ahem* Tyler don't hurt me no more?
Is there gonna be a sex scene in this flick??  Am I really supposed to believe you're gonna shoot a bad guy with a gun and not just use your purse?? (a la Madea)

Who's idea was it to have Tyler Perry play this action hero?  Seriously, was someone like: hmmm Idris Elba...nah....TYLER PERRY!
Nobody else came to mind??  Even Will Smith's devil spawn (his son Jaden) would have been a better choice...I'd even let Tyrese get a lil shine!

I have many questions and I am gonna need some receipts for alllllll of this!  Until then, imma say 'NO' to seeing this and someones got some explainin' to do!

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