Wednesday, December 12, 2012

As The (Online) Dating World Turns: Chat Swag PT Dos

Last Thursday after I picked up my jaw from watching Scandal, I finally looked at my phone- which I hadn't done for hours because I am not like EVERYONE who has their phone surgically attached to their hands and genitalia.
There were a few messages and one was from the dude I'll call Chat Swag- you remember him from before. We talk, we text...and that's about it.  Well, until I just stop responding because I am easily bored and find it hard to care for anyone I haven't spent any time with...and even then I am all like...whatevs. (some call it casual elegance)
So, Chat Swag sends a nice text wanting to catch up and mentions that we should hang out that weekend.  Now I know that by reading this blog you know I don't have too too much going on for me that doesn't involve mental fuckery and food.  That weekend though, he happened to catch a moment when I had a LIFE.  Shocking.  I offered to squeeze him in- because its not about shutting down, but letting in (theme for 2013...until I am back to hating everyone again)- but it didn't work out. where we left it, I was supposed to text him but haven't gotten around to it.  I've been too busy fantasizing about this dude I work with who has tatt all the way to his fingers.  He builds things.  We talk basketball.  I wanna do him.

I know, I know all my mental fuckery is not helping my whole dating/being single/'Downtown Abbey' situation.  'Downtown Abbey' is the situation going on with my vagina- nothing but high teas, croquet and proper shit.
Anywho, we'll see if/when I'll text dude.

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