Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Honorable Mentions AKA Things I Forgot to Blog About

  • Breaking Dawn- THE FINALE: Yeah, I didn't do a rundown of this movie because I was ashamed.  Ashamed I spent countless dollars on this franchise of fuckery!!! Listen, I don't believe everything has to be all deep and Indie, but this movie was just the worst.  From the bad CGI to the acting to the plot to the acting...I mean, I just couldn't.  The only time I did perk up was when I thought everyone was going to die- but then they didn't.  Then my thoughts went back to disappointment at the cake I snuck in from Nanoosh (chain Mediterranean that is DELISH).  I expected so much from the cake-more so than the movie- and it left me feeling broken.  Okay, I think the cake sucking ALONG with the movie totally broke my spirit.
  • TV Addictions: I am not one of these intellectuals who's all like: watch TV, why I never! (then pull out War & Peace to snuggle with).  I don't watch a lot because a lot is CRAP, but when I do I enjoy a select few programs that make me happy to have eyes and brain cells to spare!  There's Nikita (yep, I still watch this), Scandal (OMG, my favorite show besides Chopped), Chopped (hours, I have lost HOURS of my life on this show that I don't need/want back!!!), Basketball Wives LA (I can't with this show most of the time, but I always catch myself watching it and thanking myself for not being a vapid bitch), The Mindy Project (I thoroughly enjoy Dr. Castellano and this show makes me laugh and sometimes I wanna punch it), Suburgatory (okay, dude from Clueless is on this show...with his chocolaty voice...and I find myself LOLing [yep I did that] when watching this), Key & Peele (kinda gave up on sketch comedy once Dave Chappelle went cray cray...but these dudes make me chuckle), Joan Rivers Fashion Police (I don't think people know how much I LOVE Joan Rivers, like ADORE. the shade she throws is just so thorough), Parks & Rec, What Not To Wear, Animal Planet shows on cats, Walking Dead (I don't where to begin with this...)
  • When I evacuated my area during Sandy, I stayed at a family friends home- more like mini mansion- in White Plains.  It was lovely till a fallen tree knocked out the power.  So we go to another persons house to charge up.  This person was a woman who had a son who lives with her.  When I went to shake the sons hand his eyes became glittery and his heart seemed to come alive- well that's what my friend told me because she says he hardly speaks but when I was around he was telling stories and had a personality.  I explained that I bring out the best in people.  She scoffed and said he wanted to do me.  I soon noticed various weaponry hanging around.  Dude explained that he makes and sells weapons- think more renaissance style...and nunchucks (sp).  I noticed that he also wore a wide brimmed hat and a trench coat as outerwear- I threw no shade because I am evolving, but also because I deemed him harmless...yet quirky.  See, I am growing y'all.
  • I have developed a gif obsession.

That's all I can think of for now. Will hopefully be more on top of my amazing life from now on.

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