Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Place Where I Work: Raspberry Beret

Reader(s), let me apologize beforehand for taking so very long to tell you about a special fellow I call Raspberry Beret.
Where to begin with this one?
A few words come to mind when I think of him: fear, beret, cray cray, amazing....
He is ALL of those things and more.

When I first stumbled upon RB, he was mumbling angrily to himself and not trying to say hello to me.  I noted that he was cray cray, but I also noted that he was wearing a beret- and have sinced noted that he has about 5-7 of them in various colors.  RB also wears womens 70's style shades-kinda like the ones I get from H&M...

Exhibit A:

Of course all of this endeared him to me.  I know he is cray cray and would be the FIRST to bring a semi-automatic weapon to the office to kill people, but he is alright with me!!

RB talks angrily to himself and other people most of the time, but he works in the 'receiving department' where grumpily handing people packages is what's good in the hood. 
RB never said a word to me that wasn't package related until around Thanksgiving...

Exhibit B:

Me: (going out on a limb and speaking to RB) Have a great holiday!

Raspberry Beret: Thanks and you do the same [insert my government name here]!

I was left SHOCKED and even more enamored with this crazy man.  How does he know my name??  I mean, I've heard he's brilliant...but seriously, he has never acknowledged my presence.

Mostly people are scared of RB, but we are altogether entertained.  You never know what mood he's in-hour to hour....minute to minute...

Like yesterday he was in a GRAND mood.  He came in talking to himself then made his way to me and Old Homie and was all like: you know Hugh Hefner is the man! he just married a 26 year old.  that's what I'm trying to do!
He then wiggles his eyebrows at me-which would normally make me gag, but I just chuckled at ole RB.  He's my favorite.

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