Monday, December 31, 2012

Heyyyy 2012, I'm Still Here....

...unless prior to January 1, 2013 I am killed which could happen because...hey...2012.

It has a been a year of true ups and downs though I am not here to reiterate all the happenings.  I am here with some lessons I learned that will hopefully help through 2013 and so on...unless I am mysteriously dead before 2013, then forget about EVERYTHING because 2012 truly SUCKED and just hope you make it through 2013, yo.

Life is SHORT: It seems cliche', but this is truth. Time, life, trains- wait for NO ONE, so get yours.  I am not saying fuck someone over or lack some type of responsibility, I am saying if you're looking around the room and the people around you or the situation you're in is lacking, then DO something about it.
Shit, I was at a job I thought I'd be at for a minute.  Bitch (me) thought she was happy. Thought my shit was fulfilled, then I truly took stock of my situation and realized that I am only staying at this job because I like 2 people but I dislike EVERYONE else because they are either narcissistic assholes or feeble minded life leeches.  It was time TO I left.
Some things are easier said then done, but your friends are sick of hearing you complain about shit- they're not saying it because they're friends, but still.  Make that change.

As for people- well, this depends on a lot of variables.  I have become more zen in my dealings, and by zen I mean having lowered expectations because for the most part people are shit.  Luckily, like with the bad moments...and bad people, there have been some amazing moments and amazing people.  In addition, it is the realization that in the end...I am my own BFF.  HOLLA!

Challenges bring forth character, so embrace the struggle and know that you shall overcome...if you choose to get off your ass and do something about it.  Fuck what people think or say, find your joy and live your fuckin' life because you could be pushed in front of a train or something.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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