Thursday, December 13, 2012

Conversations With Ice: Click! Click!

My dear friend (in my head) Ice T has been going through it with his wife Coco.  Some questionable photo's came out with Coco and some rapper dude.  Rapper dude was all hugged up on Coco, and she didn't seem to mind.  Ice T got mad (real mad, Joe Jackson) and went to Twitter to 'air it out'.  Then Coco took to Twitter to apologize, and now they are doing better.
Ice still needs to work some stuff out so he invites me to his 'man pad', the apartment he keeps in the city.  We are chatting while playing MarioKart.

Me: So....

Ice T: That was called a shell and you being off the road-

Me: You know what wasn't off the road, that dudes face all up in Coco's neck-

Ice T: That makes no kinda sense.  Listen, shit happens in relationships.

Me: And sometimes people play too much...

Ice T: People get too comfortable, we've discussed this before.

Me: Yeah-but you guys are okay, right?

Ice T: We'll be aight.

Me: No tweeting if this happens again, though...

Ice T: Yeah that was very bitch of me-but I was so overcome with emotion. 'Like who IS this dude and WHY is he touching my wife'?

Me: Ooooo see that was a fireball-

Ice T: Nice one.

Me: I get that though.  Pictures were out, wounds were caused and you just wanted to lash out.  Next time just remember that you give the public a lot, some things you have  to take care of on the inside before you share with everyone. 

Ice T: Does calling ones goons and have them meet a certain rapper outside his home for a brief 'chit chat' count as lashing out?

Me: No, that is just shit that has to happen.  You don't go around feeling up on peoples wives.

Ice T: Look at you making sense.

Me: Listen, I am not the same timid bitch you met before, this year has growed me some-

Ice T: What kind of English-

Me: I've grown!

Ice T: Maybe there's hope for us all then...


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