Monday, December 3, 2012

The Place Where I Work: Some Highlights!

I slack, I know!
In any case, here's what's been going on at the work place:

- People love me!  It's hard to believe, I know, but they do.  Now I am being brought on for reals- it's up in the air, but that's where we're headed....sadly this means my work meanderings will be lacking.  Though with the amount of people I work with and come across...maybe not.

- *sigh* Telemundo is MARRIED.  This means my sexual want of him is done and I am able to actual speak to him.  We joke around, we're pals.  I honestly can't even remember wanting to become one with his penis.
I bet you're wondering if there is someone else 'filling' Telemundo's position...the answer is: NO!  Hot dudes are like puppies wearing silk kimonos, rare. 

- The old man with the one arm that I work with is my HOMIE for real.  We are like the sarcastic tag team.  Peeps know that if they come near our area, you better come correct...or you'll walk away crying and your tail between your legs.
I like old people and kids because they have no long as they aren't bratty/crabby assholes.

I'll call him Old Homie.  Here is a typical Old Homie and I scenario.

Dumb Person: Blah blah blah dumb question blah blah

Old Homie: (silence, pretends he is reading something)

Me: (silence, typing like I am really busy but mostly Google chatting)

Dumb Person: (walks back to their desk when they realized they answered their own question)

Old Homie: Knew he would get it eventually.

Me: Still took too long. (we both chuckle)

- There is a chick I call Ratchet.  Ratchet picks and chooses when she'll speak to me- which sometimes irritates me because it's RUDE.  When I say 'hello', bitch say 'hello' back!  Even a kitty mews.  Bleah.
Anyways, I am over it because Ratchet is...ratchet.  If you don't know what ratchet is-GET OFF the internet.

- My walk to work is not only invigorating, it allows me to see some of the most handsome men EVER (I think it's the neighborhood I'm in).  Handsome men.  Not HOT.  Handsome,because they are dressed so nicely..and look like a dude who might cut some wood.  The only thing is, they are truly better than I am.  They dress better- I mean in the morning they look like they slept 8 hours and give a damn.  These fine men smile and nod at me and I just stare at them still half a sleep listening to 'Liberian Girl' (MJ) on my iPod having no clue what the eff is going on...
Hence why I am so hot and so single.

Okay, that is all for now, will try to be more frequent with my work on goings- but with dat bitch Sandy and trying to get through these last months of 2012...ALIVE, it's been HARD.

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