Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Place Where I Work: Bountiful Treasure

When I typed: bountiful treasure, the above image came up. I think its fitting because not only are my loins like a gift basket-often luxurious, filling, assorted, hmm…I’ll definitely get snacky after getting plowed deeply and a gift basket would be GREAT to quell that hunger.
Why all this talk about my loins and gift baskets? Well, I thought I was the ONLY one around here led around by her loins, but I was wrong.
Drake is as well.
Now today my usual work sexy has been upped thanks to a curve hugging-work appropriate- skirt. Paired with a sweater and secretary top- you know them shirts that tie at the top- I am demure yet pin-up all at once.
In any case, every time I turn around Drake is somewhere behind me. If I am sitting, standing, in the pantry, coming from Starbucks-there he is! It’s like ‘Lil Drizzle’ (HA!) is leading his young n’ tenderness to my seasoned shamelessly unused/misused cooch. I am amazed by this and he keeps apologizing and tries to move away, but he can’t.
It’s like Don C.… keeps pulling dude back in.
Unlike the REAL Drake though-who’s half Black, half Jewish-work Drake is 100% Puerto Rican. This means if I even contemplate penetration…I’ll be pregnant.

Have to be extra careful, and must tone down all this sexy.

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