Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Place Where I Work: Don't Make Me Do It...

I can admit when I am wrong…it just doesn’t happen often.
Initially, I thought House of Pain was feisty, but cool. Now, I don’t think she’s a HORRIBLE person, but her new name is Debbie Downer. Her constant complaining and negative slant ON EVERYTHING-except lame shit like the book The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck- is making me wanna choke.a.bitch.
As much as I objectively hate on things, I am not bitter nor do I get off on complaining all the fucking time. Venting is cool, but sitting around being sour about shit is not what’s up. Talking about why things suck so much doesn’t really help the situation…ESPECIALLY when you’re around a person like me who is ready to come up with solution. I believe Vanilla Ice described me best: If you got a problem, yo I’ll solve it

What REALLY enrages me about Debbie Downer is that she is LEAVING. She is pursuing her dream of becoming a nurse. Moving out of NYC with her deadbeat hubby and starting anew. She should be excited, filled with joy, and filled with enough of her hubby's semen to keep her giddy-but from the looks of things he goes out drinking every night to get away from her!
That seems mean, BUT IT’S TRUE.
Again, I don’t think she is a bad person. She is helpful, looks out and is good at what she does…when she does it…sometimes. She’ll NEVER admit when she’s done something wrong though. NEVER.
…okay maybe this stems from sitting with a person day in and day out- I am sure I am no prize all the time- but I have NO ill feelings towards Blair. CloseUp-member her? - I keep a good distance from because I will choke her too. Don’t have to worry too much about her because she is in LOVE with B. CloseUp is supposedly straight, but is real Fatal Attraction-almost- with it. It’s hilarious how much it annoys and terrifies B-that’s a whole other blog though.
Anywho, I just reached a certain limit with DD and I am trying to find a happy place. A non-violent place where I don’t have to kick a bitch thrice times while screaming: shut the fuck up! I cannot comprehend why she complains all the time. She is pursuing her dreams-life should be gravy!!!
Hopefully after a good nights sleep I can go back to tuning her out. Hopefully it won’t be a choke-a-bitch THURSDAY!
Wish me luck.

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