Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rollin' In My Denim Leggin's

Soon I will write about my findings in San Francisco-I decided to spend this long weekend exploring a city I’ve wanted to, but was always in LA for something. I’m so glad I finally did it because that is one lovely city with so many good EATS!
Anywho, I can’t go into everything now because I am tired and sitting down hurts. Travelling is both fun and hectic. Especially hectic when you’re getting anally probed around every corner. Or when you miss a connecting flight in Boston and then must bus it back into NYC. Then the next day you have to pick up your luggage from the airport-because your luggage was able to fly, not you.
Then you go into work-yet you’re soooooo chill because it’s the Cali way (all day every day)!

Another thing that can suck about travelling now, are TSA agents. Usually they are bitter and enjoy fisting. Then I met 2 who I wanted to hubby.down.
The first gentle fellow was at LaGuardia. He was so amazingly hot that I stumbled into him and let him know it was okay to search my ‘person’.
This was a classy way of saying: frisk me, boo.
He chuckled and said I looked like I was clean…and added he got off at 7PM. I told him I was sorry, but I would be rollin’ with my West Coast homies by then. Awww.
The second hot gentle fellow was at San Francisco International. I chose his line to get my ID checked simply because he was hot-the line was long too. When I finally hand him my ID he is distracted by this old couple who didn’t know where to check in their bags. Once he gets them settled, he takes a look at my ID and smirks. He lays them chocolate brown eyes on me and smiles: hello there.
I smile and say: hey.
He looks at my ID again, checks me out and then slowly hands it back to me, smiling. If I could’ve checked him in (with my luggage), it would’ve been the SF souvenir that kept on giving.:)

My trip was more than me picking up hotties with bodies, it was about the chill. Oh did I chill! M’girl Marino was an amazing hostess!! We started movements (like the Nani Meditation Movement-basically we feel dudes should take one hour a day and really meditate on the ‘nan. It will help with the procuring and wifing down of the ‘nani-more on that later). We also drove around with her friend Paul blasting West Coast gangsta rap-for some reason Khia’s ‘My Neck, My Back’ became the weekend theme. That song can NEVER get old.
A BIG happening was me wearing dark.denim.leggings as part of my (amazingly cute) travel assembles. Anyone who knows me knows this is NOT how I roll, but I saw them at Tarjay (Target) and was like-HAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
I rocked the shit out of them things. This also shows my intense duality (friggin’ Gemini nature) where I can hate something, yet rock it like I own it…which I do. My feelings won’t change about wearing leggings with cropped shirts or anything Ed Hardy.
I do have Capri sweat pants that say LOVE on the ass. The O is a bejeweled heart. They are pretty fierce.

Needless to say, I am back bitches…no heads will roll for now though.

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