Friday, February 5, 2010

Stone Heart Held by a Stuffed Bear in a Balloon

I was going to write about how I am so glad its Friday. Then add that I didn’t have to choke a bitch, but was very close to kickin’ a chick in the clitoris. Perhaps I would mention my office love follies- Black Tom Cruise has taken to calling me ‘sweetie’. I doubt he’ll do it again since I didn’t respond to him at first. He got a clue and addressed me by name.
Not to get all ‘Queen Latifah’- I mean he didn’t call me a BITCH-but ‘sweetie’ is just as inappropriate and rude. That dude doesn’t know me. I am also NEVER sweet to him! Fuck that guy!

Where was I?
So, yeah. I am not going to write about all that. Instead, I am going to share a story as to why I hate Valentines Day. I didn’t care about the day before, but now I spit venom upon the day.
You see, VDay is about love. Not just the bonin’ kind, all kinds. Love of family, friends, dogs…cupcakes. I never made a big deal out about the day-even if I had a special someone. I was just happy with some candy hearts…some chocolate or treating it as any other day-because you treat me special EVERY day…like I do most people (hahahhahahah-whew, I said that with a straight face).
Don’t love me up all on one day, and the rest of the year go creepin’ on me at the Shore. That’s not right, and it’s not okay.
It’s also not what my story is about.

On a Valentines Day many moons ago I made plans for a fancy dinner with friends. Not one of those garlic-we-hate-men-dinners, just a nice dinner because we loved each other and felt like living it up.
Through all the conversation and the menu surveying, I notice a young woman come into the restaurant. She was dressed real lovely and looked nervous. I nudge a friend and say- VDay first date. Romantic. I then go back to perusing the apps and drink menu. It had to be about 20 minutes later before I thought about the chick on her VDay date. Wanted to see who her date was and if I could see sparks-I love when you see IT. When two people just work. It’s not just about physical attraction; it’s about the connection…the mutual like. Awww.
In any case, when I looked over the chick was sitting alone. Sipping her water nervously and looking out the window. A friend that was sitting next to me had taken notice of her and says: he’s not coming.
I still had hope though. I’m like; he wouldn’t do that on VALENTINES DAY. Even I know that’s FUCKED UP.
…but sure enough. We had appetizer’s, rounds of drinks, dinner, and were about to order dessert when we saw the young woman leave. Her cheeks red, eyes wet from crying. One of my friends said we should just go get her and ask her to join, I said no. If that were me. I would NEED to get out of there-would appreciate the thought- but most peeps like to live in their humiliation alone.
My heart broke for that girl, and ever since I’ve hated Valentines Day. It’s just another day. Only the stakes are higher and ones cruelty can be devastating.


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