Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Conversations with Ice T: The Picnic

Ice T and I wanted to enjoy these last few moments of summer with a picnic in the park. So he packed a basket and I brought my UNO cards-along with a chilled rose`. We spread out a black blanket that has an airbrushed pic of Ice nude on it. I am not put off by this, I am more put off by his cucumber sandwiches with a lime yogurt spread on them. He also packed crudites with hummus.
Ice notices my grumpiness.

Ice T: Sweet T, what crawled up your ass, died and is now haunting it?

Me: What’s with these bitch ass sandwiches-

Ice T: This is a picnic! Picnics are classy! (he opens the rose`) You are lucky you brought this so I can calm my nerves…

Me: Ice, it’s not that I don’t appreciate your efforts…but come on!

Ice T: Ain’t nothing wrong with finger food. Everything can’t be fried chicken and risotto…

Me: mmmm risotto….

Ice T: Did you even try a sandwich? (he hands one to me, I begrudgingly take it and bite)

Me: (surprised) This is delicious, Ice! I’m so sorry!!

Ice T: Always runnin’ that mouth instead of just keepin’ it shut or putting something useful in it. (chuckles at his own perversion)

Me: Nice one. To be fair, I don’t think the sandwich was the only thing I was angry about.

Ice T: Figured. You’ve been better about not bullshittin’ with your feelings though…

Me: I know, but I am still not good with people. You think their cool, but mostly they suck-

Ice T: …and not always in a good way.

Me: Double true, Ice. Enough about me, congratulations are in order for you! Getting them bunk ass charges dropped.

Ice T: Yeah, they were on some bullshit. Lucky I don’t go in the studio and kill ‘em with verses or do some viral video-

Me: You could have Coco tweet a pic of her wiping her ass with the tickets…

Ice T: See, this is why I don’t mind when you offend my finger foods- I love the way that mind works! (we toast with our rose` and proceed with a game of UNO)

The End.

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