Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Place Where I Work: Loyalty

“I don’t have a problem with you feeding me, but I have a lil problem with you not feeding me.”
That would be my lil play on ODB’s ‘Got Your Money’ lyric. Also a glimpse as to why my loyalty may fade. Like my honesty, my loyalty is to a fault. I do not pledge (my loyalty) blindly, but once it’s on…
…unless I am hungry and you have the ability to feed me and you don’t like my usual café one flight up from my desk. I know everyone who works there, they are my peeps. They almost seem to look forward to me coming –it is rather sweet. Because these are ‘my peeps’ I refuse to even check out the supposedly nicer cafeteria on the 8th floor of the building. This is supposed to be the café MECCA! …but ya see, I don’t want to eff with a good thing. Plus it’s my peeps.
Then today I go up there all ready to order and I am ignored AND THEN these douchebags decide that being rude is the way to go-so instead of chocking someone out, I went down to the Mecca Cafeteria! I will equate this to a person who sleeps on/takes their significant other for granted and that person gets scooped up by someone who’s da bi’ness.
I may never see ‘my peeps’ again!!!! The Mecca Cafeteria is all anyone could wish for…it has EVERYTHING…I almost got teary eyed being surrounded by so much food n' drink n' Starbucks coffee…then I ordered an eggplant pizza slice.
*sigh* Cannot wait to spend all of tomorrow morning dreaming up what I am going to have for lunch, hopefully it will be more interesting I think I was just overwhelmed today.
I guess I am just a temp-so really people can't expect too much loyalty from me work wise AND especially when you're not FEEDING me when you're supposed to!

In other news, I think it was Black Thought (The Roots) who said something like, “…I have a soft spot for white linen, loose tree’s and smart women…” That lyric (though it may be worded differently) gets me through the tough moments. The moments when I get to hear the reasons I am single-always unsolicited, and well intentioned- the latest being that I am too smart. As opposed to being really dumb? Or mostly retarded? I get it though- not that I think I am ALL that smart- but my asshole capabilities that is mostly humor misconstrued as offense- is often mistaken for wit and intelligence. I also hate most people (until they are proven to be legit)…but that is besides the point, I get it, but imma go out on a limb and say it's cool that I am ‘too smart’ because that means I am interesting and people who dig interesting are usually interesting so it works out.
If I am 45 and single/unmarried then I will not speak as much as I procure the young tender sac I shall be ‘getting with’. Won’t care about holding a convo with all the 22 yr old dudes I’ll be dating-just…maybe I’ll make you a sandwich and then you have to get the hell out! Don’t ask me for gas money either!
Whew…where am I?....

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