Thursday, August 5, 2010

Some Things I’ve Learned From Shark Week So Far:

-That some species CAN LEAP OUT OF THE WATER AS HIGH AS FIFTEEN FEET! What the fuck?

-Sharks and I have a lot in common besides being seen as scary, but really we’re just trying to live yo!-and the teeth thing (I kid)- if you leave them the eff alone, HUMAN BEINGS, they will not eat you or tear your fucking arm off! I’m the same way. Don’t fuck with me and I am the tender-est kitten to ever nuzzle your hand…some people see this as a sign of weakness or that I need to be effed with. These people walk away (if they can) scarred for life.

-You know the whole ‘White mans guilt’ thing…when White peeps feel bad for raping n’ pillaging n’ destroying cultures/groups of people and then you know like mainstreaming it (culture) or psychologically scarring groups of people so that they hate themselves- and some would feel they do/did this because they have nothing of cultural value to offer n' the whole power thing…well I say PSSHAWWW to that! If it weren’t for the adventuresome White man (and woman) we wouldn't have things like SHARK WEEK!! Who else is gonna out there on a small ass boat while a killer white shark is leaping in the air trying to eat a seal? Who is gonna do that?! Who’s gonna dump chum in the water to attract sharks and then lower themselves in feeble cages to see how they (the sharks) feed???!! Kudos White man and woman!

-Often when I think about sharks or watch anything about sharks I think back to one of my favorite shark moments ever.
In the movie Deep Blue Sea, Sam Jackson's character is giving an amazing pep talk as only Sam could and just as he gains the groups confidence that they are not going to be eaten by a shark that has been tearing shit up- the shark leaps out of the water and eats him. Perfection!! Probably one of the greatest moments in cinematic history! *sigh* I like sharks.

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