Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This…

Normally my dreams are pretty epic. They have a movie like quality- less 3D and more Tarrantino. They are in color and I usually wake up exclaiming: What.The.Fuck??
On Monday I was battling a cold and left work early so I could drug myself and pass out for many hours. Since sleeping is one of my top hobbies (after video dancing, thinking up recipes and facebook creepin’), I was happy to oblige my old, tired bod. Of course my drug induced dreams are a tad crazier than my non drug induced dreams. The similarities are that they are about food and involve people I know…in extremely weird situations.
In my drug induced dreams, everything gets taken to the next level. Like my dream about mozzarella sticks turned into an epic quest involving swords and me fighting wooden gnomes that appeared in the TGIFriday styled place I decided to eat these mozzarella sticks at-well tried to till the gnomes came and tried to eff it up.
THEN as if answering a text from my dreams, I hear that Denny’s is introducing a new cheese melt with mozzarella sticks melted inside of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will not be trying this because I value my life, but I’d like to think I deserve to try it due to me SWORDING the SHIT out of them wooden gnomes in my dream!!!

America, FUCK YEAH!!

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