Friday, August 13, 2010

The Place Where I Work: Realizations

I became aware of some harsh realities while at work today.

1)Me With A Baby Arm is a pretty much a bitch. Maybe just bitchy most of the time, but from my assessment of her (been doing those a lot lately) I see she is just not cool. I think she was testing me before by being nice to me and then when I said hello (another time) to her she looked at me like I had 3 heads AND rolled her eyes. I didn’t know what changed between our chatting and giggles and the weekend passing AND THEN BOOM I get straight ‘tude. All I know is if it were a younger me or if we were in the streets I MAY HAVE backhanded her, but then again I probably wouldn’t cuz she is disabled. Even before our chatty good times I knew she had the bitch potential, but I have learned in my ‘golden years’ to let people live and try to see things from their perspective. Perhaps she is used to a certain kind of scrutiny and built a bitchy shell- I know ALL about building up shells/walls to protect from the jackasses…BUT I am not an out-n’out bitch so I am not buying that excuse either. I’m too incognito for her to know about my blog- these people don’t even know I can’t put sentences together- and even if she did, have I said anything that isn’t true? Do we NOT have a similar look, are the same height, hair color n’ length and she has a baby arm?? Only thing is, she is thinner than I…but who would be offended by my curves…well haters would most certainly. In the end, she better stay in her lane or risk a shin kick.

2)There is this dude I see when I go to the café`. He is tall, fancies a side part with TONS of pomade and loafers with jeans-this dude is NOT my type and I would think he would prefer a more petite brunette who fancies Thory Birch and weekend Hampton getaways. Everyday like clock work- OH, yes I have made up with my OG café`, they were heartbroken that day I left them and have treated me like gold ever since. Awww- I see him when I get my lunch and he smiles and tries to flirt with me for a few. I say try because there’s no flirting when babygirl (me) is HONGRY! And I meant HONgry. I realize that this dude is infatuated and may wanna scale my honey drenched castles. Hmm…

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