Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dear Ice T: Formal Wear

Beesus Asks:

Dear Ice,

Since I've been invited to a formal dress party in Williamsburg. Now I know I'll hafta be hella drunk before I even step outta the door, so what sort of outfit should I don? Slut it up or keep it safe?


Ice T Says:
What up, B? Any occasion to put on your fineries AND be drunk is a good thing. Since you'll be in Williamsburg-from what I hear from T- you can wear a thong and baseball jacket, and still be considered legit.
Since you know what it is-wear what you want, what the fuck I look like? Lagerfeld? Wear clothes...slutty is a pipe laying guarantee though.
If you happen to meet a dude, share your flask if you want- and it won't matter what the fuck you're wearing...if he's straight. Keep it safe...wrap it up!

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