Sunday, March 13, 2011

Good Things I Have Put In My Mouth Lately- The Part of BK Walking Snacking Tour

Some of the best laid plans are ones that haven't...been...laid. Hmm.
Anyways, I was sleeping in yesterday when my friend LBee text me and asked what I was up to. Since I learned you can't ALWAYS be honest and say: about to wipe this drool off my face and contemplate going back to sleep.
Instead I said that I wasn't up to much but had to get dressed. This gave me time to wipe drool AND still seem like I may have had plans to do more with my day than just sleep, eat, watch Bones on Hulu and then maybe get some laundry in.

After some AMAZING (sarcasm)train travel, I meet up with LBee on Fulton Street in good ole BROOKLYN. We both had the same moment of: wow, why don't I ever come around here and shop more often...then walking a block and realizing why...then laughing at the newly placed White (pioneers) people walking about on Fulton.
We decided to stroll through a small farmers market and head to DUMBO where we would walk about and then start our BK WALKING SNACKING TOUR-Early Spring Edition. One of the reasons LBee and I are cool peeps is because she believes that you gather with your peeps and you have laughs n' shit...but you ALSO EAT. Eating is essential.
I thought about stopping at Starbucks and grabbing a smoothie or something, but then decided we should just get to we did.

We started at a sushi spot right next to the Starbucks-right off Front Street I believe it's called Miso Sushi (I think that's what it's called-I AM AN AWESOME BLOGGER).
Here we ordered a signature roll by them called the Splendid Roll and it was...splendid. Great texture. Crunchy carrots, asparagus, tempura flakes, sesame seeds and then soft avocado. All deliciousness!

Next up was the seaweed salad. As we were KILLING IT, I realized I should probably take a pic of this. Needless to was very good!

To add a lil warmth in a non-sake way, we had some veggie spring rolls. The dipping sauce was perfectly sweet and spicy. Crunchy deliciousness again!

Now good consistent eating and walking throughout the day is about balance. So we had to decide to how balance out this healthy meal-ICE CREAM. We were very close to the BK Ice Cream Factory...but we had to walk by the Jacques Torres chocolate shop...and that is when I saw and SMELLED the Wicked Hot Cocoa (basically Mexican hot chocolate) and HAD TO HAVE IT. Though some would call it bitching out on some ice cream, yo! I was a lil chilled.

LBee being NOT bitch made (like myself) went for it! She got herself a butter pecan ice cream cone from the BK Ice Cream Factory!

After checking out various furniture stores and seeing how the area has completely changed-including this indoor mall that was filled with uppity Black people selling jewelry and giving dudes Will.I.Am haircuts!! We didn't stay there too long.
LBee mentioned wanting a hot toddy. Since we wanted to keep it Brooklyn AND combine a nice combo of food n' drink, I mentioned Sidecar (Park Slope), a great spot my friends husband and his brother own. The food and drink are always ON POINT! LBee was down, but first we stopped by Floyd (Atlantic Avenue) (they have a bocce ball court!) to pick up Ms. AssShadows- okay to understand her incognito name you must understand the story. For some reason we were talking about ass hole bleaching and Ms. AssShadows mentioned that if you can even SEE the ass hole-if your ass doesn't make a shadow- then you need to eat more!
Being that we are women that make ass shadows- we agreed.
Ms. AssShadows was DOWN with some Sidecar action, so we rolled there-cuz Ms. AssShadows has wheels-thus cutting out the walking part of the tour. We did continue with the eating part though.

Sidecar was the PERFECT cap off to our perfect day- it's cozy, has a waiter who's a South African trapeze artist (who has thankfully forgotten our first encounter when I sexually harassed him throughout my meal) and just a good vibe.

We started with cocktails.

Starting from left to right: LBee got a glass of Sarancha- a red wine I am guessing from the color ;P, I got a Sticky Fingers-has Brugal rum, ginger wine...ginger soda I is just DELICIOUSNESS!! and Ms. Ass Shadows got an Old Cuban- rum, fresh mint...and something else- again it was DELISH. She calls it her summertime DRANK (since she frequents Sidecar as well).
Next up was the White Bean Dip (sans bacon) appetizer. Mmmm mmmm!

Then came our entrees. This is when it was proven why LBee and Ms. AssShadows have flatter stomachs than I. They shared the Sidecar Salad (which has beets,cheese and goodness!) and fries (which are out of this world!). While I had the Moulles et Frites avec Chorizo all to myself!!

Finally for dessert, though we REALLY wanted the Caramel Bourbon Bread Pudding, we wound up getting the Apple Cobbler. They RAN OUT of the bread pudding- and believe me the cobbler was DELISH, but we had been talking up the pudding. I don't even LIKE bread pudding, but I eat that ish! Our cute attentive waiter told us that the kitchen was REAL busy- which we could see since we were sitting at the bar. He said it could take two hours at least- if at all. We looked at each other and said with another drink and good conversation we could wait.
Black Diamond- the waiters name, though he is neither Black nor clear (it is a reference to the movie)- tried to keep the hope alive for us but then let us know that there was gonna be NO BREAD PUDDING TONIGHT!!! We humbly accepted our defeat...and ate the cobbler with the homemade whipped cream. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

All in all, it was a great day and good times. Also, on an obvious note, you can see I GOT A NEW CAMERA! Woot! Winning!

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