Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Place Where I Work: The Buildup


- Text from E saying she is sick and not coming in. Today is going to suck. Not just suck but be immensely evilly horrific.

- Day is probably worse than I thought.

- Decide to read at lunch, but mostly I stare out the window and wonder where I went wrong.

- At one point I am at my desk with my head in my hands, Johnny Blue Eyes places a paper on my desk. I think it's love letter written in Italian- I was wrong. It is a cartoon involving Ruddy Kors and a cake of dicks. I laugh hysterically and realize that with a lil breathing and levity, not everyone has to die.


- E makes it in. I feel bad for sending her 'death threat' emails because she really was sick and didn't need that noise.

- The day is a little better and I look forward to meeting up with the Grub + Tug Supper Club. We did Turkish food this time and it was DELISH!


- I start outlining more writing ideas and then realize I cannot write. Feeling really angst-y and then receive info about a job in Seattle. Hmmm?

- Do I wanna start a job process all over again, I think I am at my wits end with this job. I just know that mostly patients are annoying and if I have one more woman talk to me about her dry vag I am going to douse myself in lube and slide down 5th avenue.

- Looking forward to dinner with B and Jesse! Not just good food n' drink, but the hilarity makes me feel better.


- St. Patty's Day and I am sober.

- During a very rare slow moment I contemplate how horrible a person Ruddy Kors is. Like he isn't just a bitchy lecherous gay, he is just a HORRIBLE person.

- A nice lunch in the park with E and Johnny Blue Eyes. We watch children play and I feel better about the world. Then we see 2 fights (remember St. Patty's Day) and I am like: survival of the fittest, take each other out and leave room for the people who act less like douchebag-assholes.

- Looking forward to a movie with Brooklyn Kat- I focus on that to get through the afternoon hours.


- Friday- funny enough, it's the first time I find out about that Rebecca Black chick. I have no time for that shit. Johnny Blue Eyes tried to show me her video and I promptly told him I had no time for that shit. I then feel bad. He and E have felt the brunt of my snippiness- and not just from my hormonal rages- they say you hurt the ones you like the most. I realize I don't like being like this and it may be time to move on. Though the thought of a stable job is lovely, I don't like acting like an asshole (all the time) because it's hard coping.

- Ruddy Kors pisses me off royally so I chat with my agency about getting something else, SOONER rather than later.

- It is a 70degree day in New York City- I almost forget with all the work fisting going on.

- It'll be sad not to hang with E and Johnny Blue eyes- though I am sure they will not miss me and my bitchery, but unless Ruddy Kors drowns in a jacuzzi full of dicks or SOMETHING changes, I am out like my titties on a Saturday night- back in the day when I was into that sort of thing.

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