Monday, March 21, 2011

Good Things I Have Put In My Mouth Lately- Tex Mex Styles

Being a simple lady, to unwind I don't need to go to spas or do yoga- I just need some great peeps, a lil booze and some good eatin'.
On a hump day, a Wednesday, I met up with B and Jesse for some delish Tex Mex at Lobo (Court Street, Brooklyn).
As soon as I walked in our waiter "Shelly"- he said he and his peeps call each other that and eventually he called me "Shelly" because we just clicked. I walked in and we played who can out bitch each other...there was a draw.
Lobo is known for their margaritas, but being allergic to orange(s) juice kept me from being able to taste these delicious latin elixirs made with fresh juices. Didn't stop B and Jesse who enjoyed them IMMENSELY!
I had a texas tea- sweet tea with vodka and it was daaaaaaamn good!

The texas teas- yes teas because I had DOS- went down so smooth and delicious. I told our waiter "Shelly" that if I had one more of them I'd be on the table dancing like Ciara with my dress off. He said he'd dance backup for me- BESTIE!

Since B frequents Lobo, she suggested the queso con carne to start with. All I heard was 'queso' and I was down.

B was right! That ish was delicious...and their salsa was amazing- smokey flavored and hearty.
Admittedly, the menu overwhelmed me. I wanted EVERYTHING! After going on and on about not knowing what to get "Shelly" suggested chicken enchiladas with a garlic mole sauce!

Let me tell you something- if you were to put that sauce on a shoe, grilled rat, Usher's penis...I would EAT IT!! I would ice that shit and sip it like a latte.
Jesse got the skirt steak with a side of collards and corn. I am guessing from her silence and clean plate- that was some good eating.

B got something called a 'sassy mama'- basically a chicken enchilada...I think. Again, from her silence and cleaned plate- that ish was good! I think both of their silence had to do with my yammering on and whining about the Janet Jackson concert that I not only didn't know about, but wasn't going to. "Shelly", like any bestie of mine, took the opportunity to rub it in that he was going....

Mmmm...dessert was another drink because sometimes that is what's needed. Sometimes it's chocolate, other times it's vodka.

I've walked by Lobo, heard about Lobo and now I have experienced it. Laid back, good eatin', good drankin' weird bathrooms where I drunkenly stumbled upon a dude peeing. No pics of that.
Go to Lobo if you like chill places where they make douchebags sit at a bad table just cuz-or it could've been our waiter "Shelly" who had no time for the assholes.

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