Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Good Things I Have Put In My Mouth Lately- Part 1

Calm down. You will not be visually entertained with various cocks!
No, instead you will see some AMAZING things I've been eating lately. Not often enough because it is not yet time for me to be bedridden on a 38,000 calorie a day diet.

Let's start with this brussel sprout, bacon and onion pizza I had at the oscar party I went to. I still dream about this pizza and I am glad I don't recall where it was made because I would wake up from blacking out covered in blood and surrounded by pizza boxes. I think the blood would be from people trying to stop me from eating the pizza...but what do I know? I've blacked out.
This shall be eaten again...but in the near distant future so that it will still be a treat and I won't start killing peeps.

Next we have le pain perdu aka one of the best french toasts I have put in my mouth EVER! I had this at Landmarc Tribeca (yes, I am REAL fancy, huh). My friend Moo told me of this french toast that looked like a steak and was almost the size of the plate. There was silence and then I looked into her eyes deeply and said: I must eat this, soon!
She agreed and so she, Margo and I made it happen. Normally when something is so good I finish it and yearn for more-basically eating it till I hurt. This le pain perdu WON. It owned me. It bent me over with no lube and no love. I ate a great a deal BUT COULD NOT FINISH THIS DELICIOUS THICK CUT BREAD DIPPED IN EGG INFUSED WITH VANILLA AND THEN SEARED IN A PAN WITH BUTTER AND THEN PUT ON MY PLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We will battle again...and I!

Lastly, call it straight je ne se quois, but I've been about cheese. Cheese and either pita chips or gluten free brown rice chips- because I am healthy, yo. My thinking is that French women eat a lot of cheese (supposedly) and they aren't known for being obese like we Americans.
I dunno. It just tastes good and is a feel good snack. I also pretend to smoke cigarettes and speak like 'Amelie'.

Looking forward to MORE delicious things to put in my mouth!!

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