Saturday, March 26, 2011

Good Things I Have Put In My Mouth Lately- The Legendary Roll n' Roaster pt 1

This is a part one because I will venture to Roll n' Roaster (Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn) many times. R n' R is almost like a second home to me- almost because if it were really my second it would become my first since I wouldn't be able to walk and would need a crane to get around. It is one of the few places (in these times) that doesn't make you feel bad for wanting to eat simply delicious food that isn't good for you but is cooked SO WELL. They also offer to put cheez (how they spell their amazing melted sharp cheddar cheese)on anything you pleez!!!!
Growing up, I preferred going to R n' R rather than McDonalds- see I always value quality and R n'R is quality fast food. Fast food that really isn't fast at all-everything is made on the spot, as soon as you place your order.
They tried to bring the essence of R n' R to Manhattan- on 11th and 3rd Avenue. I never stepped into that place and pretty much cursed it. Said it would NEVER be the OG R n' R and it would FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!! About a year later, I was proven right.
You see, R n' R isn't just about the amazing food, it is about the friggin' ESSENCE! It is an un-hipstered, un-"cool" place in Brooklyn where one doesn't go to put on airs. You go there to hang with your people, eat the french fries drenched in cheese, talk shit, laugh, possibly get hit on by dudes wearing velour tracksuits or women wearing heels and tons of Aquanet. They play blocks of classic music like the best of Tina Turner and Frank Sinatra.
It is a magical place. A safe haven. I went there last weekend with some peeps for like 3 hours enjoying dinner, dessert AND challenging games of Scramble on our iTouch's. It was a great night!!!
Viva la Roll n' Roaster!

This first pic is from last summer. Margo and I went to the beach and then strolled to R n' R. Their chocolate milkshakes- actually all their milkshakes- are the bomb diggity. Dude, I just said: the.bomb.diggity.

...because I am all icognegro, I have given myself pink cat-eye sunglasses and cat ears- my artistry is extraordinary!!

This was just MY meal. A cheeseburger with caramelized onions and pickle chips, cheese fries, and corn fritters- which I shared! I drank water because it is alllll about being balanced.

For dessert I had the apple pie a la mode with chocolate ice cream, my friend Maria had vanilla ice cream on her pie and her boyfriend Steve had a vanilla milkshake. Mmmmmmmm...just looking at these pictures makes me wanna go there now!

....excuse me, have to ...uh...go for a walk...yeah...

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