Sunday, April 17, 2011

Good Things I Have Put In My Mouth Lately- Di Fara's Square Pizza Pie

I grew up in Brooklyn (NY) so great pizza is important to me. I can't explain what makes a great's one of those things you just know.
Now my card may pulled when I say I have never heard of nor had I been to Di Fara Pizza (Midwood, Brooklyn (NY)). This spot is only a few train stops away from home, yet I NEVER KNEW ABOUT IT- and now that I do, the chances of me making my 600lb goal is great.
I learned of Di Fara's from my friend LBee-of course we were eating something else when she asked what my favorite pizza spots were, then she mentioned Di Fara's and their delish square pizza pie that is both crunchy AND chewy and just effin' delicious. She went on about how Old Man Di Fara (this may not be his name, but that is what I am calling him) puts fresh slices of mozzarella (actually every pie is freshly made, no pies just laying about) on it along with cloves of garlic and then RIGHT before he serves ya the pie- no use in getting just a slice- he cuts some fresh basil on it and you become a believer.
I wiped the drool off my chest and lap and asked: WHEN ARE WE GOING???

It took a bit but we made it one Friday. We beat the long line and the crowds...but not the full on smoke inhalation. It is ALL WORTH IT THOUGH.
And being a true natural beauty, I make it all look soooo good...

Do you even believe that cheese?! It's all so real. My mouth is watering as I type this...Like, usually one would be consumed by my beauty, but that cheese is like the nude Halle Berry/The Rock of cheese!!!
Okay, first things first, this place is very Brooklyn. The Brooklyn I grew up in. This is a pizza shop, not some fancy pizzeria with a bullshit waitstaff and garlic bread. They just serve pizza. Old Man Di Fara and his kids serve you YUMMY pizza.

There's a wall of accolades...I just took a pic of one wall though:

There's a pic of Old Man Di Fara doing his thing....

Here is my pic of Old Man Di Fara doing his thing AKA puttin' that fresh basil on it...mmmmmmm

Okay, these next few pics are like straight pornography!

Yeah, LBee and I ate our slices right off the tray! Were weren't playing around...and I really thought we would finish it, but when you HAVE to eat the crust because it's so friggin' good...*sigh* (even a greedy wench like myself) cannot finish it. LBee took the slices home to her boo-even mine because I was all gallant like: I live so close to this wondrous place!

Oh here is LBee going how her nails look with all that cheese and 2 sauces (yes, for the square pie, Old Man Di Fara uses 2 different sauces!!!) goodness...mmmmm

There are points when your mouth is full of fresh garlic pieces and cheese! I didn't need to put anything on oregano, crumbled parmesan, red pepper flakes, etc.. This pizza was just so delicious LBee and I both grew quiet and went into a zone before we continued with our awesome chats.

If you like pizza and life, go to Di Fara' will change your life. I have to go back soon to try the round pie-this excites me.
Anyways, go'll wait a bit but anything worth having is ALWAYS worth the wait.
Mangia, bitches!

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