Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Place Where I Work: Some Things I've Learned or Relearned This Week

- If you let them, the MTA or a Starbucks will ruin your day.
We already know the amount of dicks I'd like to saute for the MTA so I don't even need to go there. As for Starbucks-so shocking to see me wanting to kick them and perhaps prepare them a frapp of semen- one of the ones I like going to in the morning also has a large tourist clientele. Tourists who take hours to order one cappuccino. Tourists who don't understand the concept of a line and like to gather in various clumps on the outskirts of the line and when you make moves getting you closer to a scone or a nutty loaf, they suddenly appear all accented and enraged! All this makes you damn near late and ANGRY. AN-GRY.

- I can really survive on just soup for lunch.
Soup and a book. I finished reading The Namesake-truly delightful book! Now back to finishing Christopher Moore's You Suck because I don't remember what book my Book Club is on now. Anyways, who knew my greedy ass would be fine with just soup.

- Seriously, kids effin' love me!
For real! A patient brought in a kid the age of 1 (almost 2)who immediately wanted to feed me his cheddar bunnies and tell me about his life. I think me and kids are cool because they have no angles and have the inability to bs.

- Sometimes your ego lies to you. LIES!
Seems I was right about The Doctor being the reason I can't pay someone to kick me to the curb! The love is strong, which I can't feel bad about because I am awesome AND getting paid.
As for me developing a crush on Johnny Blue Eyes based on laughter, the promise of Italian love poems and thinking that he maybe wanted to do this 'Bronx Tale style'. Think about it (take a second).
I was wrong, which is fine because crushes are a nice way to spend the day-a way to remember you're ALIVE!
Why did this sudden dose of reality hit this cautious romantic aka me? Well, we all know how these crushes go for me. Either all lighthearted and fine- which how most go or I get all intense and clouded with idea's that things are more than they seem. Sometimes people just think you're cool and funny and DON'T wanna put it in you. Shocking, but oh so true.
Yay, for reality!

- When you look around the room that is your life and feel a certain way about it-you just remember you know some great people and I know some GREAT people.
This has nothing to do with work, but helps me in those low moments.

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