Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oh Hells No!: All My Children

Soap opera's are a peek into the lives we'd like to live.
Good n' bad drama. Great clothes. Waking up in full makeup with hair perfectly coiffed AND no morning breath. Mostly hot people-including doctors, cops, bartenders, maintenance peeps, teachers, etc.. Having a job but not always having to go there because you have drama to deal with yet you still get paid and live in a fat crib. You can bang pretty much anyone (few times). If you do bad shit you can always redeem yourself and be a good person- also a ho can be made into a housewife-or she can just marry a shitload of people. If you do some really twisted non-redeemable shit, you can just blame your twin who will suddenly appear with blood on their hands. Even if you appear in a coffin, are seen boiling in a vat of car drove in the river stew, or have been shot 20 times- YOU CAN STILL BE ALIVE!!!!

Soaps are great!

All My Children became my soap because it's what my mom and babysitter watched. It is my favorite soap-though I dabbled with Sunset Beach (short lived NBC soap) in college-I always came back to AMC.
I mean, Erica Kane is an ICON! Angie and Jesse! Adam Chandler...Palmer Cortlandt! Tad Martin! Hayley and Mateo! Then there's Zack and Kendall- I loved me some Zack!
These characters are like a second fam- we grew up together...and no matter how many episodes I missed, I could always fall right back in!
AMC has always been with the times with gay relationships, a transgender story line, Black peeps who were more than just sidekicks and actually had lives, old people boning, Asians!!, Latinos who aren't just maids, etc.

Now, I am hearing it is being canceled and there are 2 reality shows in the works to replace it. FUCK THAT NOISE, I never thought I'd say this especially after Hoarders and Top Chef, but I HATE REALITY TV!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

We must save All My Children. Save the characters I grew up with and the hot dudes I can fantasize about because I'd mostly live in fantasy and not reality.
Call this number: 818-460-7477.
Save AMC, for you, for me...for everybody!!!

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